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Saturday, 10 February 2018

Dinosaur Hunting....

This morning Andrea made us all wear a scarf and took us up the road..... the bus stop!

We had to get a bus into town, you see.  We gave them a CD too!

We got off here at the train station!

OK, we're ready - where are we going???

We tied a CD to the chair handle too!

Then we made some video's.

We're coming up to London now!  You can just about see the Battersea Power Station chimneys there!

We're crossing the Thames!!

We arrived in Victoria Station and used the facilities......

And then went and bought more train tickets with Alexander MacKenzie Bear!!!!!
We're all going on a day out!!!!!

We all got on another train - Sandy and String had a long chat.  They'd never met before, you see.

Alexander gave me some old pound coins..... he had them left over from his last trip and he can't spend them now.  You have to take them into a bank where you have a bank account and he doesn't have a bank account here....

We all got off the train here at Crystal Palace.  Are we going to meet the Queen then?

No!!  We're going on a dinosaur hunt!!!

Andrea said we need to go down here.  It was very muddy and a bit slippery though, but none of us fell over.


There's another one!!

Alexander tried photobombing us here but we only got his ear!!!!

These are brilliant!


We found some information boards that showed pictures of what people thought the dinosaurs looked like when they found the bones in 1854 and pictures of what we think the dinosaurs look like now.  They're totally different!!!

They thought this one was a fat lizard!!!

And that one looks like a non flying duck!!!

This one they thought looked like a whale when it's actually more shark-y!

We made another video!


That's not a dinosaur.....

We left a CD on the railings!  Alexander helped me choose one!

By now, we were all getting a bit hungry, so we decided to go back into town for lunch.
We had our last photo take on this dinosaurs head....

And then went back to the train station.  

We didn't have to wait long for the next train - and I found a badge on the seat!!

Then we walked up to this bus stop to wait for the number 11 bus.

We sat upstairs ...... we left them this CD!

We took loads of photos on the bus!

We're going into Whitehall now!!

OOOOOoooo!!!  One of them horseguard fellas!!!!

Stop mucking about, Sandy!!!  We're getting off soon!!!!

Then it was just a short walk up the road to Byrons Burgers!!!!
Alexander had never eaten here before.....

"Wotchoo gunna have???"

I'm hiding.....!

Ta-da!  Here I am!!!

First we got the drinks in.  We had a fizzy drink and Alexander had a beer.
He'll regret that in the morning.

Then we got a burger each and some fries.
It was YUMMY!!!
Alexander really liked Byron Burgers.  Just the thing on a cold, wet, windy day in London....

After that we went into Covent Garden.

Alexander had a quick look round the Moomin shop

Then we went to the Laduree shop!!!

After we'd done our shopping, Alexander had to go pack because he's going home tomorrow. So we had to say good bye....

So we walked off to the bus stop.....

And past the Savoy hotel.....

And got to the bus stop just in time to get the number 11 bus back to the station!

They got a CD too!!!

Here we are going past Trafalgar Square.....

And we got off here.....

We used the facilities at Victoria Station again.....

And were just in time for the train home!!!

We left this CD on the train!

That's Gatwick Airport.  It's getting rather fuggy now.....

Almost home.....

Here we are!

And there was a bus waiting for us outside too!!!

We got off here and walked home...... brrrrrrr it's cold!!

We got a sparkly Laduree box today!!!  Andrea said we could choose the box and that's the one we got!!!

She let us choose two macarons each!  But we forgot the flavours now.....

Andrea got a Lush bubble bar.  She's weird.

And this is a surprise for somebody - DON'T TELL ANYBODY!!!!
What a fun day out!!!  We enjoyed that!


  1. I'm so jealous you saw the Crystal Palace dinosaurs! My owner saw them when she was camping in Crystal Palace. She followed signs that said 'Monsters' and it turned out to be those dinosaurs. One day I want to see them as well.

    1. Well, I think you need to start planning a trip to England then....!

  2. Great photos! And you got to spend the day with Sandy! What fun!!

    1. And delicious food! Beanie always stops at the most yummy places!

    2. Sandy made a similar comment.....!!

    3. That's what I keep telling Beanie! He needs to star an official tour of London - he knows all the best places to eat and... if you need something (like transit pass covers), Beanie knows exactly where you can find them! It was a great visit!