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Tuesday, 27 February 2018

We got snow!!!

This morning when we got up, we saw snow outside!!

Not loads, but it's still snow!

We had to walk very carefully up the road to try and get to the bus stop to go to work!

On the way, we met Cat!!  He's friendly and always comes to say hallo in the morning, if he's out!

We like him!!

Even his friend, Duke Marmalade came over to say hallo!  He doesn't often do that - he's usually a bit "Meh" with people.

They even followed us up the road for a bit!

Lots of snow...!
It had mostly melted by the time we left for home though....

Monday, 19 February 2018

We got a surprise!!!

When Andrea got home today, there was a package outside the front door!!!  She wasn't too sure what it was.....

Orvis??  Who's he??

OOOOOOoooooooooo!!!  Tissue paper!!!!  I love tissue paper!!!

Oh!  There's more!!!

There's some colourful sparkly bangles!!

and some cream sparkly bangles!
Oh what fun!!

Friday, 16 February 2018

Pooh Bear in London!!!

Today we had a lie in because Andrea wasn't at work.  But later on, we all went out.

And we got a bus somewhere too!!!

We left them a floppy disc too!

And then got off at Brighton Station!!!  Are we going somewhere???

Hurrah!!  Where are we going???!

We left a CD on the train.  It was really busy so we kept moving to quieter areas but they didn't stay quiet for long.

We're off!!

We made a video!!!

We came to London!!!  We were supposed to meet someone outside this shop but they were late!!  We panicked a little bit but they turned up!!!!

Then we all got on a really busy C1 bus...... where now??!

We tied another floppy disc here too!

And got off at the V&A museum!!

We crossed the road and saw a taxi hut.  That's where the taxi drivers make a cuppa tea in between driving around!

We're going to see the Winnie Ther Pooh expedition!!!
I love Winnie Ther Pooh!!!

First of all we used the facilities....

And then we went back upstairs to find out where we're supposed to be going.
Love that Chandelier.....

Oh there we're going!!!

In here!!!

Winnie Ther Pooh in Big Boots!!!

He's travelling by balloon!!!

And we got to sit on Winnie's favourite stair!!!!!


Oh wow.....

Winnie found the North Pole you know.  He's a famous expeditioner.

That's his Honey cupboard on a Monday

That's his honey cupboard on a Thursday.

And that's his Honey cupboard on a Friday!!!!

We made up some monster names!!
Spotted Wizzarump!!!  What about the Lesser Spotter Wizzarump?

They had lots of drawings too...

And a printing plate too!!!

That was the drawing it printed....!

Come on Piglet!  Let's go for lunch!!!

After a quick whizz round the gift shops (we'll show you later) we went to Pierino's for lunch.  We were STARVING!!!  We had to wait outside for a table, but the weather was lovely so we didn't mind

We had drinks!!!

When we got our table, we had a Nettuno Pizza.  Arnty Bev had a pizza too!!!

She brought Fatty, Tulip and Edward too!!

And then we had CAYKE!!!  We got Tiramisu.

CHEESECAYKE??  Why didn't WE get cheesecayke???
That cheesecayke was yumtastic!!!!

After lunch, we walked back up to the bus stop.

Here we are - we need another C1 now.

Eventually it turned up and we managed to get seats on it too!!!

And we got off at Horrids!!!


OH WOW!!! Can we have one??  Each??

Arnty Bev bought some fudge and we got some chocolate sorce (we'll show you later)...

And then we went back to the bus stop to come home....

We got another C1 bus..... oh what a lovely day we've had!!!

We're off!

And here we are back at the Station!!!

We all got on the same train - Arnty Bev got off at Horley and we stayed on the train till we got home.

There's Battersea Power Station in the distance there.  We still don't know what they're going to do with it.  We think it should be turned into an open air theatre or concert area.

We remembered to leave a floppy disc on this train too!!!

You can see we're going over a viaduct here, with the shadows!
Isn't that fun!!!

We made a video of the South Downs in the distance!

And we're here!!!

We didn't have to wait long for the bus this time.

And then a short walk home!!!

We got some cards, badges and chocolate at the V&A museum.....

And some Bis Kwits too, for £3!

That's the chocolate sorce we got from Horrids

And we got paper bags to make stuff with too!!!

Arnty Bev gave me lots of playing cards and fabric petals to play with too!  And a CD to recycle.
She's good like that.
What a fun day out!!!