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Thursday, 25 January 2018

We went Wizarding!!!!

Today, Andrea said she wasn't working and was taking us all out.....!

There was a big puddle by the bus stop but at least it had stopped raining...!

We got the bus and got off here at the train station!  Wonder where we're going.....

First of all we left another bookcrossing book on top of the piano!!!

Then we raced off to platform 5 and got on a train to London!!!  We gave them a decorated floppy disc!

And then we all sat down and got comfy and wondered ......
WE'RE ON THE WRONG TRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We quickly grabbed all our bags and dashed off the train across the platform and got on another train that was going where we wanted to go!!!!!!!!
(This train got a decorated floppy disc too!!)

We made a video!

We're going through Gatwick Airport here - we saw a plane land!!!

We're coming into Blackfriars station here, but we're not getting off.

We got off here!!


We walked up the road by the side of Kings Cross Station.....

That's the expedition we're seeing!  And we got in half price too!!!

This is the entrance but we weren't allowed to take pictures inside.
It was brilliant though - it had lots of paintings which explained where all the professors names came from, and lots of decorated books about the history of plants and botany and what each plant was used for in medicine, and astronomy and palm reading and divination and and and..... it was FAB!  There were even some interactive bits where you could make potions (we made one to help your memory work) and tarot card readings - Andrea's one said her past was stable, her present she was inclined to be intuitive rather than get all the facts and her future she's going to be kind to people!!  She likes doing kind things for people!!!  There was loads of stuff to read and do and look at, it was brilliant!!!

Then we used the facilities and left them a floppy disc too!!!

After that, we did some shopping in the gift shop (we'll show you later)

and left a bookcrossing book in the Courtyard.....

and left another floppy disc on the railing!

Then we walked up the road to go and have lunch somewhere and found this message!

We're going up here apparently.....

We went past a little park thing so we decided to leave more floppy discs on the railing.  One at this end.....

And one at this end!!!

And another one on a completely different railing!!

Oh here we are!!  Burger and Shake!!!

First we got a drink.....

And then we got a house burger and fries!
It was YUMTASTIC!!!!!

We're all stuffed now!
We tied this floppy disc on a railing over the road....

And then had another little walk.  We went past University of London....

That had an interesting entrance!

And we're back on the Euston Road now!

We didn't have anything else we wanted to see, so we went back down here.... the station!

But first we had a bit more shopping to do!!!  (we'll show you later!)

And then went to get our train home!!

And we're off!!!

We gave them a floppy disc too!!

We made another video too!

There's the South Downs over there!!

We made a video of them too!

Here we are!

We had to wait a few minutes for the bus home though, but not long.

That's our last floppy disc!!

And then we got home!!!  We got some Harry Potter bookmarks

And some Harry Potter postcards

We got a posh book about the expedition

And a little book of postcards......

....that you get to colour in!!!

We got this book too because Andrea wants to read it.

We got some Fortnums coffee but Andrea might give one to her brother for his birthday next month.  But it depends if he wants some coffee or something else entirely!

AND we got some biskwits for us!
Told you Andrea was good at being kind!!!  She buys us yummy Biskwits!!
What a fab day out though.....!

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Milkshakes and street art

Today we came to Brighton to see Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky.  Arnty Bev made String Beanie a scarf!!  It's brill!!!

We had a walk through the North Laines and saw some fun grafitti...

Do you see that stained glass window above the door???!

It's a man in a suit and tie!!!!

We saw some more skulls in a shop window too!

Then we came into a cafe and had a cayke!!  This one's a peanut one!

And we had a lovely coffee....

AND we had a spectacular milkshake!!



It didn't last long though....

We even licked the mug out!!

After that we had a wander back through town.  Arnty Vicky went home because she wasn't feeling very well.  Hope she gets better soon....

We found a shop that had a Cool Beans sign!

We found a cable box....

And found some more street art.

I like that one.....

Another cable box.....

And a funny ciggie butt box!!!
We had a lovely day out!