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Monday, 31 December 2018

Review of the year 2018

Well this year started fairly quietly, with a walk round town and a posh milkshake!
You can read about that HERE

Later on, we went to an art expedition in London!
That post is here Harry Potter

In February, Sandy Bear came to visit and we went dinosaur hunting!!!
That post is HERE!!

We also went to see Winnie Ther Pooh with Edward!
You can read about that HERE

In March, we had another expedition to the Tate Modern!
That one can be seen HERE

And then we went to London again for a shopping trip!
That's HERE

In April we only went up to London once, and that was this trip!
You can read about it HERE

In May, we took the bus to Eastbourne!!
That's HERE

Then we met a duck in London!!!
That's HERE

At the end of May, we had several days in London for Andrea's Birthday!!
That trip is here Day One
And here Day Two
And here Day Three

In June we went to the British Museum for another expedition!!
That's HERE!

In July, we took the bus over to Worthing to play the arcade games at the Lido!
You can read about that HERE

Later that month, we had another expedition to the British Library in London!
You can read about that HERE

In August we went to see the Summer Expedition at the Royal Academy!!
You can read about that HERE

Later that month, Arnty Bev came to visit us!
This is her first day HERE

And this is her second day HERE!

The first thing we did in September was find some Snails!!!
You can read about that HERE

Later on in September we had a day out in London to see an expedition.....
You can read about that HERE

And then we found more snails HERE!!

In October, we found some more snails HERE!

We also had a surprise day out!!
You can read about that HERE

And for my birthday, we went on holiday to Portland!!!
Day one is HERE
Day two is HERE
Day three is HERE
Day four is HERE
Day five is HERE

And we also went on another snail hunt HERE

In November, Arnty Bev came to visit again and we had another day out!
You can read about it HERE

We also went to see another expedition in London, again at the Royal Academy!
You can read about that HERE

In December, we didn't go anywhere!
We did have plans to go do stuff but Andrea came down with the lurgy and couldn't get out of bed for THREE AND A HALF WEEKS!!!  The lurgy turned into a chest infection, you see, and Andrea spent most of her time coughing and sneezing and not sleeping or eating because she was coughing and sneezing and taking antibiotics and all sorts!!!

We did manage to get our Chrismas Tree up, HERE

And we did manage to meet up with Sir Woodstock for lunch which you can read about HERE

but it was a bit of a Bleugh ending to the year really

But we have had a brilliant year though,  and we got loads of other stuff planned for next year and its going to be REALLY BRILLIANT!!!!
So Happy New Year everyone!!

Prezzie from Arnty Bev!

We got our final prezzie from Arnty Bev today!!!


OOOOoo!  Barley and oat crumbley bisquits!!!

And a box of cheesey wafers!!!  (we've opened these already - they're YUMMERS!!)

Oooo!!  Tomato and caramalised onion stuff!!!  SCHLURP!


There was also a card in there too!

That was for all the Beans!!!
Fanks Arnty Bev!!!

Another parcel!

We got a parcel in the mail today!!!

It had another little parcel inside it!

With some shiney ink!!!

It's called Enchanted Ocean ink and it's shimmery!!!

Saturday, 29 December 2018


Last Thursday, we went on Amazon and spent a £40 gift card on a bunch of prezzies for us - and one of them arrived already!!!!!!!

It's a complete DVD set of a 1970s TV series called the Duchess of Duke Street
The lady on the front, Gemma Jones, she's in the Harry Potter movies too!!!

Oh it'll be fun watching the whole series again!

Friday, 28 December 2018

A late present!!!

We got a surprise package this afternoon!!!  What is it???

It's another Christmas present from Arntie Helena!!!

It's inside this card........

Another gift card to go spend!
Oh what fun!!!
Fanks Arntie Helena!!!

Tuesday, 25 December 2018

We got the crackers out!!

I got the crackers out and pulled one with Andrea!!!

What did we get?!?!

We got a gold and bloo hat, a pack of cards and a joke!!
What do you get if you cross a skeleton with a detective??

Christmas Day!!!

Today Andrea's not feeling well so we're staying home in our jimjams instead of visiting her parents for lunch.  I helped her open our presents!!!  This one's from Diane!

It's a toilet roll tube!!!  I love chewing up those!!!!!
What?  There's more?


It's a torch!!!  I can chew the toilet roll in the dark!!!!!!!

Then we opened this one!!


It's a fun reuseable mug with some teabags!

Oh!  There's more inside!

Chocolates and a brussel sprout ornament for our tree!!

We put that on the tree straight away!!
(I think Andrea was about to sneeze here.......!)

Then we opened some cards!

That one's from Becky - we got a present from her as well!!!  I'll show you that in a minute....

Then we opened this one from Heather.....

It's for ME as well!!!

We got a Neals Yard gift card!  Hurrah!

This one's from Vicky!

It's for me as well as well!!!!!!!!!

And we got another Neal's Yard gift card!  Hurrah!!!

This one's from Becky!!

She got us two books!!!  This one about catching serial killers and nasty people

And this one about a man that survived the last war.  They both look really good books!

This one's also from Vicky!

What fab presents!!