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Monday, 25 December 2017

We had Christmas!!!

Today it's Christmas!!!!  We got to open our presents before breakfast!!

A tin box!!!!

Wiv everything to make scones wiv cream an jam and tea!!!!!!!!!!  HURRAH!
That's from Bob and Dilly - they sent us a little pack of paint brushes too!

Which we can use with these decopatch thingies....!

This one's from Canada!

It had a card and a badge in it!

It's from Sandy Bear......

The badge is for Andrea!  It's brill!!!

Andrea's brother sent a glitzy red bag with an Amazon thingy in it!

What is it??

Oh!  Another card!

With a £25 gift card inside!  HUZZAH!

Then we pulled a cracker!!!

We got a silly hat, a picture frame and a joke!
What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck?
A Christmas Quacker!!!!!

Andrea went out later to see her Mum and Dad.  We chose to stay home because it's out first Christmas as a proper family and besides, we wanted to finish off all the chocolates.

And when Andrea got home, she brought MORE chocolate!

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