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Sunday, 10 December 2017

String Beanie's First Expedition!

Today, we decided to go out on an expedition..... Jelly Beanie decided to stay home and practise his burping with Tango, so me and String Beanie headed off up the road.....

Here's the bus stop - not long for our bus either!!!

String Beanie left his first CD tied to the bus!!

And we're off....!

Here we are!  Train Station!!

They got a spiffy tree up too!

We had enough time to leave a bookcrossing book on the piano.....

Before we got a window seat on the train!

We left a CD there too!

Here we go....... wonder where we're going?

We made a video.....

We're crossing the Thames!  We're in London!!

This way, String, I've been here before!

We used the amenities first, and left a CD on the door....

And when we came out of the station, it was SNOWING!!!

Then we went round the corner to the bus stop to wait for our bus!

They got a CD too!

Where we going?

We got off here!!!

....crossed the road and we're at the Tate Britain!  We went to see an expedition about Impressionists in London and we got our ticket for £10 off with our Art Pass card!!  The expedition was about French artists who escaped from Paris after the Franco Prussian war in 1870 (Napoleon 3rd started it) and Paris was razed to the ground so nobody could live there.  A lot of artists came to England as refugees, like Monet, and this expedition had lots of their paintings of London and other parts of England.  It was really good!

We used their facilities too, and left them a CD!

After we did a bit of shopping in the gift shop, we went round the corner to the bus stop.

And got another bus for a couple of stops.....

We got off here and waited for another bus.....

And we left them a CD too!

We're off!!!

We got off here near South Kensington tube station!

And we came here for lunch!!!  String hasn't had pizza before!

We got a fizzy drink.....

....and a Nettuno pizza which had tuna, olives, capers and onions on it!  It was proper yummers!!

We walked up the road to where the National History and V&A museums are and made a video.

Left a book on a bench too!!!

Then we had to get another bus!

They got a CD too!

We're off.....

To HERE!!!



String said "WOOWWWWW!!!"



"Can we come here again??"
We did a bit of shopping first and then it was time to leave

Back to the bus stop!

And we left our last CD on the bus!

We're off!

We saw lots of decorated shop fronts too!

Including some astronauts!

And when we got back to the station, I got walloped by String's ear!!!!!!!!
He's ALWAYS doing that!!!!!

Just in time for our train home too!

Nearly there.....

And we're back!

Then it was just a little bus ride....

and a short walk home!!!

We showed Jelly Beanie our shopping.  We got lots of postcards from the Tate....

And we got some chocolate ginger and dark chocolate mint for Andrea's Mum's Christmas present (but don't tell!)  We're going to leave that in the fridge so we don't eat it all.

And we got these chocolates to share specially wiv Jelly Beanie because he stayed home.
We know he likes chocolate as much as we do.  These ones are salted caramel truffles!!

And we got a bubble bar for Andrea because she likes those!
And that was String Beanie's first ever expedition!!!

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  1. I like String Beanie 's scarf. Pizza looked good too.