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Monday, 4 December 2017

Cats, mice and super moons

When we left for work this morning we have a really big moon in the sky, called a super moon.  This one's wobbly though because Andrea wasn't awake when she took it

On the way, we have to walk through the Tesco car park to get to the bus stop.  Today, little Black Cat spotted us and raced over to say hello!!!  Then Cat walked us up the road a bit!!

We made a viddy oh of cat but you have to squint a bit because it's dark.

That's a better picture of the super moon!

On the way home, we spotted an abandoned mouse on a wall!!!
He looked totally lost!  So we brought him home!!

And then recognised him as our distant cousin String Beanie!!!!!  He must've walked for miles to get here!!!!!  (needs a bit of a scrub up, though....!)

We all sat down for a catch-up!!

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