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Friday, 3 November 2017

We went to Colchester day four

Today we had toasted scrumpet wiv salted caramel sorce for breakfast again!

We decided to have some group photos taken....

This one's all of us!!!!!

We asked Bob if he'd like to finish off the Lemon Curd we brought and he said yes!!!  He said it reminds him Lemon Meringue pie!!!  (We hope Arnty Helena makes him one.....)

Later, we had some apple pie that Arnty Helena made after we'd gone to bed last night!
It was yummy

Then Bob got all his clothes out and gave Tango a pair of trousers!!!  They've got a fold up at the bottom!  HURRAH!!!

Bob gave Tango a new cardigan and scarf as well!!!  

Oh wow!!!  Isn't that a brill outfit!?!??!!!!

Then we had a frolic!!!

Me and Bob checked out each others' rucksacks!!!

And that's Bob being a Kool Dood!!!
Then it was time for us lot to go home.......

.....and they drove us to the station!!  That's Bob and Dilly waving goodbye!

We're at the train station...... what a fab week we've had!

We left another bookcrossing book on a bench while we waited for our train!

We got a window seat too!!!

And we're off!!!

We left a floppy disc on the train too!

And here we are back at Liverpool Street Station!

We said hello to Bob's grayte grayte grayte grayte grayte grandbear Wrczsyczsyczsyczsyczsyzslav

They're wearing a poppy bracelet!!!

We left a Doodad hanging on a railing....

....and then went to get a number 11 bus!

We gave them a floppy disc too!!!

And we're off!!!

We went past here.....

And then arrived at Thameslink Station just in time for our train home!  Hurrah!

We got another window seat too!!

There's the South Downs in the distance there!!!

And here we are in Brighton!!!

And a bus was just about to arrive!

They got a floppy disc too!!!

And we're off!!!

We got off here and it was a short walk home.....

We found a metal button on the way home too!!!

And these are all our prezzies!!!  (The bloo bag has clay in it so we can make stuff!)
Oh that was fun!  I hope we get to visit Bob and Dilly again one day..... And Arnty Helena too!  She's lovely!