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Wednesday, 1 November 2017

We went to Colchester, day two

Today we got up and went to the Breakfast room!

We started off with cornflakes, orange juice an coffee....

....and then had bacon, eggs, tomato and mushrooms.  Yum!!!

That's the view up the road!

Then we had to pack our stuff up to go see Bob and Dilly!!!

We had the chap at reception call a taxi for us, and we made a video of the book-bar thing!

And a short while later, we were at Bob and Dilly's House!!!!!

Bob made us a cup of tea in his Bear Pot!

And then we all gave presents to everyone!!!!!

Because it's Arnty Helena's birthday soon, we got her a box of Macarons as her birthday cayke!  Half of them are bear colours (brown) and half are sessy wagon colours (green and pink)

I got a bear one!!!

And Tango got a new hat!!!

Later on, we had a ride into town.....

...and we had a look round the shops and met a frog!!!

We stopped for tea too.

And then came across a cheese and pie stall.  We got some scrumtiddlyumptious goats cheese that was proper yumbo!!!


There used to be a craft market place in that church but they've all gone now.

Then we got on a bus round to Arnty Helena's Mummy's house.....

And when we were there, cat came round for tea!!!

And then we came back to Bob and Dilly's house!

And we had Pizza and Chips for dinner!!!  It was FAB!

Later on we were all exhaustipated so we went to bed!
What fun!


  1. Yay!! A visit with Bob & Dilly - great fun. Although... what the heck are Bob's Knobs? I'm almost scared to ask...

    1. We think Bob's Knobs is a cheese. We didn't buy any though.....