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Wednesday, 22 November 2017

We got a surprise package!!!

We got a package today - but we haven't gone shopping!!!

It's packaged up in lots of bubblewrap.... but with no note and no return address on the back!  We don't know who it's from!!!

We got some purple paper and some cardboard butterflies!

Oh!  What are they???

Sparkly glass beads!!
Wonder who sent it to us.......

Monday, 20 November 2017

We got a new Bear!!!

On the way to work today, REALLY early in the morning, Andrea found a Lost And Homeless Bear sitting on the wall getting very wet and soggy!!  Bear looked so miserable that she picked Bear up and took him/her to work and fed him/her cups of tea.  And then brought Bear home!!!  
He's a little happier but we think he might need a B-A-R-T-H at some point.

But in the meantime, all the bears scooted along on the bear chair and made room for the new bear!
That's Clarence sticking his paws out co-ordinating the shuffle!

Sunday, 19 November 2017

Red Stars in London and Food and Shopping

Today we all got up really early!

Andrea took us up to the bus stop.....

....and we didn't have to wait long for the bus either!!!

We got off here at the train station!  We're going somewhere!!

We left a book on the piano before we got on our train.

And I made sure we got a window seat!  I left them a CD too!

I made a video of the trip!

I love the view!!

We got off here at Blackfriars!!!

Where are we going now???

That's the view from Blackfriars Bridge around to the Tate Modern!  Is that where we're going??

I tied a floppy disc to the railing!!!
(By the time we got home, someone had left a comment saying they found it!!!)

We're going to see this expedition!!!

This is the Turbine Hall!!!

We can see our reflection in that!!!  YOOOO HOOOOO!!!!

We got a half price ticket on our Art Pass card to see this and it was up on the second floor.  It had a lot of the propaganda posters all in red, white and black all promoting the Soviet politics.  This expedition started from 1905 when the Romanovs were still in power, and then covered the revolution, Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin up until the 1950s.  Fake News is nothing new either.  Stalin used it loads himself, to make out he was best mates with Lenin (he wasn't) when Trotsky was tipped to take the presidency when Lenin died (he didn't).  It was quite interesting really!

We used the facilities before we left too, and gave them a CD!!

Then we went up onto Blackfriars Bridge to cross the river

We found another art expedition on the bridge!!

On the way, left left another floppy disc!

I love that sign!  It's pretty!

Ah, here we are.  Which bus do we get?

This one!!!

We're off!!!

We got off here at the end of the road.... Trafalgar Square!!!

We had another little walk and passed this lovely gate!

Can you see the floppy disc we tied to it!??!?!

We're going here for lunch!!!

We got a drink.....

And a burger and fries!!!  Not as good as they usually do but we ate most of it!

After lunch, we had a short walk up here

To Piccadilly Circus!

And then along the road to here!  That's the Royal Academy over there!

We went in here to do some shopping!

And then went into Fortnums to do some more shopping!!
It was silly busy though, we could hardly move!

After we'd done our shopping we got another bus......

.....and got off here.  

Then it was another little walk across Constitution Hill

It's really pretty here.....

And here's our bus stop!  Our bus is just about to arrive!

They got a floppy disc too!

We're off!

We're going past the British Museum here!

Everyone got off after a while so we change seats so we were facing forward!

And we got off here at the British Library!!

Love that sculpture!

We left another book here too!

And a floppy disc!!

And then we walked down here.... the train station!

They got their trees up!

We got to the platform with three minutes to spare before our train too!!!  We got another window seat as well!  Yippee!

We're off!

And we're back in Brighton!  Yay!

Ooohh..... there's some funky lights there!

We had to wait a little bit for our bus but not long.....

They got Christmas lights up in town now!

And we got off the bus here - just a short walk down the road now!

Here's our shopping!!  We got the expedition book and some postcards

And some posh mustard!!!  (that's for us.  We got more but it's a Christmas present so we can't show it to you!)

We got some posh coffee - that's for us too!

And we got some posh biskwits for Andrea's Dad.  (We got other stuff from Fortnums as well, but that's also a Christmas present, so we're not showing it!!!)
What a brill day out!