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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

We went to Colchester, day one

Today we had to get up really early because we were in charge of Packing!
That means we're going somewhere!!!

Then we raced up the road...... the bus stop.....

......and got the bus to here, the train station!!!

Here we are!!  We got a window seat!!!

We're going to London!

But we got off here at City Thameslink!

We used the facilities first and left a CD on the door!

And then came out onto the street!  That's St Paul's Cathedral up there!

But we're getting the bus THAT way!!!

We didn't have to wait long and got a number 15 bus.  We left them a floppy disc tied onto the rail!

And we're OFF!

We got off here outside Somerset House!

And then crossed the road where the Waldorf Astoria is!

And walked down to Covent Garden to do some shopping!!!

We saw some interesting shop windows on the way....

They were a bit spooky!

Here we are!!

We made a video of it too!!

And then came here to Laduree!!!

We got a box of Birthday Cayke for Arntie Helena because we're going to visit her!!

They got their Christmas decorations up at the market!

It's pretty!

We left a bookcrossing book on a bench!

Then we went past a skeleton.... Byron's for lunch!

We got a fizzy drink....

And we had a Burger and Fries!  They were nommy!

We like it in there!!

Then we went to get another bus.

We left them a CD too!

We went past the Royal Courts of Justice too....

And we got off at the last stop here, Liverpool Street Station!!!

We stopped to say hallo to Bob T Bear's great great great great great great grandbear Wrcszycszycszycszycszyzslav.  He's from Lodz in Poland, you know.  He was in the Resistance in the War.  He's a Legend.

Then we had to go check which train we were on....

AHA!  This one!!!  We left them a tag!

We went past the Olympic Stadium in Stratford!

It's pretty here!!

We're here!!!!

Then we got a taxi to here!  We're staying in a hotel tonight!!!

We got a WHOLE DOUBLE BED to ourselves!!!!

OK, this'll do us.  Where are you staying?

Didn't think much of the view, but we're not here for that.

The tea supplies were a bit miserable too.... we went for a walk to buy some proper tea!!!

Don't think those timbers are real ones though.....

That's the sparkly floor in the hotel elevator!!!

When we got hungry, we decided to come here for dinner!

We got a chicken tikka masala, pilau rice and a garlic nan bread.  It was nommy!!

That was one of the puddings!!!

Back at the hotel, we spotted the bar bookshelf thing.....

That's rather fun, huh?!

Then we got in our jimjams, made some tea and watched the GBBO finals on telly!!!

And then went to bed.
What an exciting day out!!!