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Sunday, 13 August 2017

We went to Eastbourne!!!

After breakfast today, we all decided to go out!

We were going to leave some weathergrams out since we hadn't done that in, like, forever!

When we got to the bus stop, we caught a bus.....

And got off here!

We had to wait a couple of minutes for another bus....

And we got on a 13X bus!!!

And we're off!!!

We went on a really long ride over the South Downs and saw some cliffs in the distance!

Eastbourne?  We came to Eastbourne??!

We got off at the very last stop at the Pier!!!  Jelly Beanie's never been here before!!!

We met a bear having an icecream!

We left another weathergram nearby!

And then went for a walk along the seafront!

OH!  There's a market here!!!  There were lots of food stalls and an African tin animal stall, and some jewellery stalls, and some coffee beans stalls!  It was great fun!  We even got a free sample from a cheese stall!!!

We left a book on one of the benches too.

Then we turned round and walked the other way for a bit.

We met Noddy out for a ride!

It's a lovely day today.... tide's out too.

There were lots of railings to tie stuff too!

And interesting buildings....

See what I mean about lots of railings?!?!

We saw a funny train driving along the road, too!!!

Good 'ere innit?!?!

Then we walked back to the Pier..... get the bus home.  We got the 12 home which took a slightly different route.

We started off going past the market!

And later on we met some doggies!!!  They were lovely and all came to say hallo!!!

When we got here, Cuckmere Haven, there was a bit of a Traffic Jam but we didn't mind.  We had a seat with a view!!

I'd like to come here again...'s really pretty.

We made a video of it!

By the time we got here, there were loads of people on the bus, and some of them had to stand all the way to Brighton!!

You can just see some more cliffs on the right, there!

We decided to get off here because it was getting rather hot on the bus.....

And we went and had a look at an interesting building!

It's rather pretty, huh?!

We walked along through the Lanes and found a musical Zebra!!

And then got the bus from here......

To here where we left our last Weathergram of the day!
It's nice to go out on a sunny day, even if you don't really do much!!!


  1. Hi Beanie,
    Drunk Fox here. Bears eating ice cream and a musical zebra. What an outing.

  2. And a sunny day! Excellent. I almost thought you were halfway to Dover... but not quite. Beary nice though.