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Friday, 4 August 2017

Shopping in London!!!

Yesterday morning we all set out somewhere, after we'd had breakfast.....

And got here just in time for the bus!!!

We gave them a tag!!!

And got off here at the train station!!!

When we got on the train, we saw a fancy pillar outside the carriage window!!!

We left another tag on the table of the seat in front!!!

And we're off!!!  We love this view!!

And here we are crossing the Thames!!!

When we got off at Victoria Station, we used the facilities and left them a CD!

And then set off to find the bus we were getting.

The bus stop we'd normally used was "Out of Service" so we walked down to the next stop

And got on the C1 bus!!!  We tied a floppy disc onto the seat rail!

We're off!!!

And we got off here!

We're going to Horrids!!!!  Yippee!!!

We love the food hall at Horrids!!!

And this is the chocolates room!!!

Dribble dribble.....!

After we'd done our shopping, it was time to scoot off to another place.  So we crossed the road to the usual bus stop.....

Which was also "Out of Service"!!!!

So we walked down to the next bus stop and found a Kuwaiti coin on the pavement!  (I'll show you that later!)

When the bus came, we tied another floppy disc onto the rail!

We're off!!!

We got off here and saw a motor racing bear!!!  How exciting!

Then we had to walk down the road a bit past the Ritz

And arrived here at the Royal Academy!!!

We're going in!!!!!

We decided to have lunch first because we were hungry.  We had potato salad with a pesto sauce thing and green veggie things and slices of parmesan cheese.  It was good but we couldn't finish it all!

Then we went to see the Summer Expedition!!!  They had some interesting stuff in here!!  This one's all scraps of fabric!

And that one, they painted the skirt the same way as Toulouse Lautrec does it!!!

Those ones of Venice are lovely!

And so's that one of London!!!

Oh wow!!  Not surprised that one sold!!!

That top one has an owl in it!!!


The etchings/prints section had some lovely work in it.....


This one is made up of crochet'd doilies!!!  Isn't it fun!!!

These are more prints of Scotland.....


OH WOW!!!  A pirate ship made completely of pearls!  That's amazing!!!


OH!!  Right-ho then.....

OH!!  It's an ink blot test!!!!!

After a good look around, we used their facilities and left them a CD on the door!!

And then we crossed over the road to do some more shopping at Fortnums!!!

We made a video of Piccadilly!!!

Then we found this shop and since we had plenty of time to spare, we decided to go in.  We're glad we did!!!

That's a very interesting shop, you know!!!

Then it was time to get on the bus.  It was proper packed like a tin of sardines so we didn't get any pictures.....

And then we got off here!!!

And we spent our pocket money in the Cheese shop for a Pick Nick on the way home!!!

Then we walked down to the coach station to get our coach home!

We got a window seat too!  It was quite a noisy bus though.....

And we're off!!!

Here we are crossing the Thames

And here's our Pick Nick!!!  It was proper nommy, too!


We love Jaffa cakes!!

We saw a Sari shop on the way through London.....

And here we are crossing the South Downs!

we left another floppy disc on the coach too......!

And we got off here at Poole Valley!  It's a bit blowy though....!

Then we walked to the bus stop and found a new grafitti'd cable box on the way!

And then got a bus home!!  We gave them a CD!

Then it was just a short walk home!!  What a fab day out!

OK, so here's our stash.  We got two jars of caramelised onion relish for Arnty Vicky and Arnty Bev and the Mango chutney is ours.  The pink stuff is Easy Tasty Magic, Salt of the Earth which was half price so we thought we'd try it.  The red bag has ginger candy in it which Andrea's Mum is going to buy off us!

From Fortnums, we got a posh tin of Lemon Curd Bis Kwits for us, and two tubs of Organic Lemon Bis Kwits for Andrea's Dad as a birthday present.  We're a bit annoyed though because we wanted to get the Lemon Thins but they don't do 'em any more, the twats.  So we had to get these ones instead.  Hope they're OK.....

Now, this is the Maille shop purchase!!!

Two little jars of rather spiffy mustards!!!

The one on the right is an oniony mustard  and the one on the left is a cognac mustard - we're going to take them round to Andrea's Mum & Dad's and have a taste and then Andrea's Dad can choose one he likes the best as a prezzie.

We got a bit of cheese left over too!

OH!  And on the way to the Coach Station in London, there's a little library there and they were having a book sale!!  So we bought three, and two of them are Darren Shan Zombie books!!!

And this is the Kuwaiti coin that we found outside Horrids!

It's very shiny and it's got a boat on one side!


  1. Another fun adventure! Does your seKretary have to take extra bags to hold all of the goodies for the train ride home??

    1. Andrea has a really spiffy (and rather old!!) red backpack thing that's actually a bit of a Tardis. It holds more than you think it can!!!

  2. That sure was a big day out. I like the way you leave a trail of tags where you have been.