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Monday, 31 July 2017

Prisons and Markets.....!!!

Today, Andrea said we were going out!!!

And Jelly Beanie was coming too!!!

First of all, we went to the bus stop and got the next bus that came along....

And got off here!

We had a little walk up the road and found these skulls on the way!

That girl's crying because she's not coming with us.

We ended up at the train station.....

And snuck up on Vicky who was waiting for us by the piano!!!!

She'd brought Fred Bear with her!!!!

And we're all getting the same train!!!

We got our own seat too!!!

And we're off!!!

Then when we were coming into Three Bridges Station, we all looked out the window because someone else was coming with us!!!

It was Arnty Bev who brought Edward Bear with her!!!

We got off at Blackfriars Train Station and had a walk along the Thames.  There's St Paul's Cathedral over there!!!

They had some funny rubbish bins there too!

We got to the Tate Modern.....

And found another Mouse!!!!!!

We stopped to say hello - it was brilliant meeting another Mouse!!!

He gave good cuddols too!!!

Then we walked past the Globe Theatre

It's a lovely walk along here, you know....

There's the Shard building....

We found some grafitti too!

Andrea said we're going here!

The Clink Prison Museum!!!

We had to pay the skull to get in.....

OOOOoooooOOOOoooo!  This is really scary!

Oh creepy....

They had lots of torture equipment in here.....

Edward Bear checked out a chair that prisoners got strapped into.

So did Arnty Bev.  But we let her out......



Oh cr*p - they got a dead body here!!!!

We tried these out too.  But we made sure Arnty Vicky got away....

This chap used to make pies out of rats.... oh we don't like him.....

This place was open for several centuries but it's closed now.  Thankfully.

That's Arnty Vicky checking out a coffin....


Phew, thank heavens that's over..... where are we going now?

Oh what's that down there???

It's the Golden Hind, that's a famous boat!

With two anchors!!

And there's the Golden Hind on the front of the boat!

OH!  We're at Borough Market!!!  There's loads of food here!!!

We made a video of it!

And saw an interesting sign!

Oh wow....!

OSTRICH burgers???!!!

After we did a bit of shopping, we went back towards the South Bank to find somewhere for lunch because we were hungry.

Here'll do!

We were put in charge of choosing the drinks.  That's the most important part you know.

And then we sent Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky off to put the orders in!

We got a fizzy drink.....

And scampi and chips and peas!!!  YUMMY!

After lunch we used the facilities and left them a CD

And then walked back along the South Bank!

We like it here!

Then we found someone blowing bubbles!!!

Those are bridge pillars but without a bridge....

The tide was out now and we saw some mudlarkers!

After a really long walk, we ended up here at Aldwych!

and ended up here at Covent Garden!!!

We had a good nose around.....

And then stopped for tea!

We had a hot chocolate.

We had to stir the chocolate sorce into the hot milk and it was the yummiest hot chocolate we've ever had!!!

Then we went off to find a taxi....

We've never ridden in a taxi before!!  It was exciting!!!  When Andrea got in the cab she sat next to Arnty Bev and squished her!!!  She squeaked and it was funny!!!

Then we arrived back at Blackfriars Station!

We love the view from here.....

The train home was super busy....... but we got a seat eventually!

And arrived back at Brighton!!!

Then we got a bus back home.......

And got off at the top of our street!
What a fun day out!!!