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Friday, 16 June 2017

We got a surprise package!!!

When we got home there was a package waiting for us!!!  We think it's from Sullivan!!
What's in it??


Lots of dinosaur stickers!!!

And a card....!

That's funny!

We got a plastic bag!!!!  How exciting!

We think that's a jigsaw puzzle.....

And another bag!

We got sunglasses and a badge!

and loads of postcards and bookmarks.....

And another bag!

And MORE stickers!!!

And wrapping paper and notebooks....
Wow!!!  What an amazing stash of stuff!!
Thanks Sullivan!


  1. That plastic bag was more to keep the other stuff from getting shaken up too much than that I thought it would make a good gift :-p

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  3. Great gift you two. Enjoy the bag.

  4. Wow... that is quite the parcel!! You two are such lucky little mice.