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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Weird things in Brighton......

Today, Andrea took us out for a walk around town!!  First, we found some skulls for out collection!

There were gold ones too!

And we also found some grafitti near the station!!!

Then we stopped in at the sorting office to pick up a parcel!
I love those!!!

We found some pretty flowers in a front garden too.....

And a grafitti cable box!!

We had a wander through the North Laines too.....

And found a snowdog!!!

Oh wow!!!!

That's pretty!!!

Ooooh!!  There's an expedition we can go to next week!! Excellent!

Then we found loads of people dressed in weird clothing!!!

There's people over there with feathers in top hats!!!

Oh there's Vicky!!!  She's a Morris dancer!!!  (the blond in the bloo skirt!!)


Then we discovered there was loads of Morris dancing happening so we stayed to watch!!

We had a bit of trouble working our new camera on this one..... sorry!!

When we came home, we opened our parcel!

It's floppy discs!!!

We can make stuff with them!!!
Oh what a fun day!!!


  1. Wait! What's that building with all the dogs on it? That's amazing!

    1. That's one of the graffiti painted buildings in the north laines