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Tuesday, 23 May 2017

A Shopping Expedition in London!!!

Yesterday Andrea told us she had the week off work and today she was taking us somewhere fun!!
So we went to the bus stop outside our house.....

And got on the National Express Coach somewhere!!!  How exciting!

Here we are going past the Royal Pavilion!!

National Express coach rides mean JAFFA CAYKES!!!
We love these!!!


we tied a weathergram to the seat in front too.

Aha!!  London suburbles!

Oh that's pretty!!
We did make a video of crossing the Thames, but it was too big for blogger.  We'll put it on Facebook instead.

When we arrived, we used the facilities first and left them a CD on the door......

And came out here, in London!!!  Oh what a glorious day!!

Then we had to cross the road to get a bus.

We tied another weathergram to the railing!

And we're off!!!

Where are we going?

Oh!  We got off here at Pimlico!

We're going to get another bus somewhere...

We're on the hunt for a fancy building that Andrea wants to take pictures of.

We gave this bus a CD!  But then the bus went on Diversion and none of knew where we were!!!!

We completely missed the fancy building but Andrea said that's OK because we can come look again to find it.

But we DID find a statue!

It's of some guy called Bela Bartok.  He's Hungarian.

He must be hot in that big overcoat though....

Oh, there's even a little birdie on the statue!!!

We gave that a CD too....

Apparently Mr Bartok used to stay near here when he visited London.  Never knew that....

OH!!  That's a pretty railing!!

Then we walked up to the V&A Museum....

And left a book on a bench!

THEN we went to get ANOTHER bus!!!!!!!!!!

We gave this one a weathergram!!!

We got off here at Horrids!!!  HURRAAAAYYYY!!!

They had butterflies in their window!

We're having lunch HERE?????  Jelly Beanie's never eaten in here!!!!!

First we got a big bottle of water because it was hot out and we'd done a lot of walking on and off buses.

Then we got three mini burgers and some fries!!!  We had one burger each and shared the fries!!!
Later we discovered that we're getting double points on Andrea's loyalty card because it's her birthday this week!!  How fab is THAT??!!

we went downstairs to use the facilities and left them a CD on the door. 
Then we went SHOPPING!!!!

And every time we bought something, when they swiped Andrea's loyalty card, they turned round and said Happy Birthday!!!!  It made us all laugh and cheer!!!

They have pretty tiles on the walls here don't they?

Then, after we were shopped out, we went to get a C1 bus back to the station.  45 minutes later, we were still waiting - and we overheard another couple saying they were waiting over an hour!!!
So we decided to get a different bus.....

.....when we got on, we gave them a weathergram too!

Aha!  We're off!!

We got off here opposite Green Park!

They got green buildings too!!

Then we crossed the road.....

....and got a number 38 bus (they got a weathergram as well!).....

Which brought us here!!!  HURRAY!!!

We sat in a little garden for a while and sorted out our shopping.  We were sat there a while, an still didn't see any C1 buses..... that's weird.

Then we walked through the station - and for the first time EVER EVER, the Station Facilities were free to get in!!!!!

So we did!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAAAA!
We left another CD on the cubicle door!

Then we went and bought some cheese for our picnic on the coach!!

Then it was just a short walk down the road..... here!!  This is an amazing building....

And so's this one!!  We think this is the National Audit people......

Then we got on the coach home - and found our own weathergram still tied to the seat!!
HAhahahahaaa!  We found our own art!

And we're off!

Here's us crossing the Thames.....

And it's time for our cheesey picnic!

With Jaffa caykes for pudding!!


Approaching the South Downs.....

And we finally got off here as the sun was going down!

It's pretty!

We're home!

Later on, we sorted out our shopping.  This is the Austrian version of Baileys - made with kirsch and choccie and cream!!  It's yummy!

We got some loose tea for a friend of ours.....

And some Neuhaus hot chocolate because the Prestat concession had run out.

Andrea said me and Jelly Beanie could choose something as well so I chose some Caramelised onion relish because I think that'll go really well wiv cheese.

Jelly Beanie chose sea salted fudge.  YUMM!!

Andrea got another Lush bubble bar for bath times.  She's weird.

We also had a sneak peek of the birthday cayke we got her!!!  That looks proper nommy!
We had such fun today......!!!


  1. Another fun adventure filled with yummy treats (Jerry especially likes the photos of treats).

    1. Hahahaa!! Yeh, we like eating them best of all!!

  2. That's a great day! You must have all been worn out. YUMMY looking cake!

  3. Holy moly that was a great trip!! You guys sure see a lot on your trips to London. And... afternoon tea blend... hmmm...??

  4. Wait a minute... it was Andrea's bearthday??!! Why is this not in my calendar??