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Saturday, 27 May 2017

A Birthday Treat!!!

At lunch time today we met up wiv Arnty Bev an Arnty Vicky and went shopping!!!  Arnty Vicky took us to Cass Art shop and said we can get Andrea's birthday present!!!  (we'll show you what she picked later!)  After that we went for tea and then had a mooch around before we had  A Big Surprise!!!

.....which was a posh Afternoon Tea at Browns restaurant!!!!
Oh wow!!!

First we got our pot of tea.....

And then a big Cayke Stand wiv loads of goodies on!!!!

We started off with the brioche sandwiches...... they were nice!

Then we had scones with jam and cream!!!!  This one's the plain one....

And this one's the fruit one!

Then we had a cherry moosse..... that was Yumtastic!!

And THEN we had the cayke!!!!!


And then finished up with the salted caramel profiterole!!!!!

We're completely STUFFED!!!  We had to go home to sleep it all off!!!

This is the marbling kit that we got from the art shop!

We're very lucky to have Arnty Bev and Arnty Vicky!!!!


  1. Mmmmmmm...tea at Brown's.

  2. Oh wow... that was quite the tea! And the marbling kit looks cool. Are we going to see a demonstration of it at some point?