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Saturday, 29 April 2017

We've had a cracking weekend! (and it's only Saturday!)

Last night Andrea went round to her Mum and Dad's for dinner.  On the way home she spotted a box full of CDs dumped by a communal bin so she rescued some - brought back 34 of them altogether!!!

And then today, we found a big earring, a finger ring, an elastic hair tie and a bunch of coins - some were Engligh pennies, some were American 1 cent coins, some were Euro money and some were Romanian!!! They've gone in my treasure box!!

And then we got a package as well, with another 16 CDs in!!!
How fab is that?!?!?!?!

Sunday, 23 April 2017

Saturday, 22 April 2017

Request for help.....

I'm currently on the lookout for floppy discs - preferably used/recycled/no longer wanted or used.  If anyone out there in cyberspace finds any, please get in touch re. delivery (costs can be negotiated on that!)  Happy to trade for mail art stuff that I've made (shown on my found art blog)
Don't mind size of discs.

Thank you!!

Monday, 17 April 2017

Our shopping from yesterday......

We didn't take any pictures of our shopping yesterday so now we've got a snazzy new camera, we took some pictures!!!  We got some postcards from the Courtauld Gallery....

And some Laduree macarons in a bloo box!!!!


And it seems that Fortnum & Masons have upgraded their biscuits range too - they've got snazzy new tins and some new flavours!!!  We got a tin of the salted caramel ones!!  Can't wait to try these.....!

Sunday, 16 April 2017

A Day out in London!!!

Today we went to London - but Andrea's camera died overnight and we didn't notice until this morning when we tried taking photos!!!!  Luckily Andrea bought a thing called Kindle Fire and figured out it takes photos ....... so we used that instead!!!

It was a bit difficult holding the kindle AND us AND trying to press the "take photo" button all at the same time though!!!!!

Phew!!  We're on the train with a window seat!!  We can relax now!!!

Oh, we're getting into Gatwick Station here!!


We got off at Blackfriars station and made use of the facilities.  We left them a snazzy bookmark too!!

And then we went up the road to get a bus!!!

And we're off!!!

We got off here at Somerset House!!!  We're going to see an expedition!!!

It's a lovely Courtyard, that is!

They got posh ceilings too!!

They had a special temporary expedition of lots of drawings, some of which have never been shown before!!  These were brilliant!!!

This is the guff about the doggie drawing.

This one was really pretty too

That's the info about that one.

Then we went over the road to Covent Garden!!

This is where Andrea had trouble hold me AND the kindle AND trying to press the "Take photo" button all at the same time!!!!!  HAhahahahahaaaaa!!!

OH!  There we are!!

And there's the signage!!!  We got macarons too!!!

Then we went down the road to Byron Burgers because we were all starving hungry!!

We got a fizzy drink and a playing card!

We left them a bookmark too!!

And then we got a cheeseybaconburger and fries for lunch!  It was YUMMMMMMM!!


Then we went and got another bus.....

We gave them a bookmark too!

And we're OFF!!!

We got off here at St Paul's Cathedral!!!

Haven't been here for yonks!

It's pretty.....

Then we walked down the road a bit to Church Yard and left a bookcrossing book out!!

We left a bookmark in a hollytree too!

.....and found another book!!!

That little courtyard was an old church graveyard once (a few hundred years ago) and it's opposite this place in a little alleyway called Church Yard.

Then we got another bus!!

They got a tag too!!!

We got off here.....

.....crossed the road and got another bus......

And left them a bookmark too!!!

And we're off!!!!

We got off here!!!  The British Library are revolting soon!!!

Then we walked round the corner to here......

And got another train home!!!

Here we are crossing the Thames!

And we're home!!!
Not quite as many photos as usual, but at least we have photos!!!!!