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Monday, 27 February 2017

The last bit of shopping....

We did some shopping at Horrids yesterday that we didn't show you because one of it was a surprise present..... but we've given the prezzie so we can show you now!!  We got two Posh Chocolate Spreads by Prestat - the above one was mandarin orange chocolate which we're keeping....

And this one was a cherry chocolate spread which my mate chose!!!
We tried the mandarin orange one with pancakes today, an it's YUMTASTIC!!!!!

Sunday, 26 February 2017

A Day in London

Today we got up early, for a Sunday..... and it's raining outside too.  Why aren't we staying home today???

Oh...... we're getting a bus somewhere?

And we're off!!!

Oh!  We're getting a train somewhere??  How exciting!!!

We left a book on the piano at Brighton station....

And then our train got announced..... we made sure we got a window seat!!

We tied a weathergram to the seat!!

And we're OFF!!!

We're crossing the River Thames!!

When we arrived at Victoria Station, we walked up the road to the bus stop....

And we got on a C1 bus!!  We tied a CD to the rail!

We're off!

We got off here....

.....and walked past an antique book sellers.

And arrived here!!

We're going to go see this expedition!!!


First we used their facilities and left a CD on the door.

We met the Beatles
Hey hey, we're the Beanies!!! do do dodooobe do doo dooo!

We saw the posh chandelier while Andrea bought the tickets..... we got in half price for £6!!  We weren't allowed to take photos of the underwear though, which was a shame, but we did get some postcards after for Bob T Bear!!

They had some posh trainers in the V&A too....

And a flapper dress too!

And we saw a statue of a cow as well!!!

He looks very friendly....

I think he's having a poo though....!!

On our way out, we left another book on one of the seats outside the museum!
(Ed's note: this book got journalled on bookcrossing!!  It's THIS ONE!!)

Then we decided to choose somewhere for lunch near South Kensington underground station.  There's a Thai restaurant.

A French one...

Spanish and Lebonese.....

That looks like a Chinese one.....

French cafe....

That's called Fernandez & Wells.  Not sure what flavour that one is.....

Or that one....!!

Hmm.  Japanese sushi....


food market over the road next door to a pub....

And another Japanese place....

But we're going on here!!! Pierino's, the Italian restaurant!!  We got there early, just after midday and were the first ones in.....

We got a fizzy drink....

And a Quattro Staggioni pizza..... NOMMMM!!!
By the time we'd finished, about an hour later, the whole restaurant was completely packed solid, and with people waiting at the door for spare tables!!!

And a phone kiosk that isn't a phone kiosk!!!

We walked back up to the museums and walked past the Venezualan Embassy

There's the V&A again....

And here's our bus stop!

We got on our bus and tied a CD to the rail!

We're off!

HORRID'S!!!!  We're going shopping at HORRID'S!!!!

They had some sparkly shoes in the window....

And shoes with pineapples for heels!!

And we saw giant peacocks!

Oh WOW!!

Oh what FUN!!!

Then it was time for the bus again....

We left them a weathergram!

These windows are mucky......!

We got off here and left a CD on the railings!

And walked over here to the station....

We had a bit of time before the train, but we got another window seat!

Going back over the river!

You can just about see the South Downs in the distance!

And we're home!

There was even a bus waiting for us outside!  We gave them a weathergram!

And then just a walk down the road to get home....

These are the postcards we got....

We got two tins of hot chocolate - Andrea was supposed to get one praline and one sea salted caramel for her mum...... but she got two praline by mistake!!!!!
(she ordered the sea salted caramel online later....!)

Posh coffee in Posh tin!

This one is a pack of two Somethings one of which is a surprise for a friend, so we're not going to show you what they are!!!  Well not until later anyway!!!
Fun day out though....!