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Sunday, 4 December 2016

We went to a Birthday Party!!!

Today, we went outside to wait for a friend in a car and my mate Dylan T Dog spotted us from his window and go SOOO excited, that he just HAD to bring his owner downstairs to see me!!!  We had a good long chat while I was waiting for Heather (who was late!)  Anyway, we managed to get him to stay still just about long enough for a photo - that was the first attempt at sitting.

And that was the second attempt!!!  Dylan - meet the world!

Then when Heather arrived, we drove into Brighton to meet Vicky who had her birthday this weekend!
She got presents!

That one was her favourite!!!  It's a bottle of antifreeze.  Well, it says it's violet gin on the label, but Andrea says if you drink enough of it, you stop feeling cold so really, it's antifreeze.
Makes sense to me.....
(She also got two measuring spoons and two measuring glasses because she likes measuring stuff out when she's cooking)

Me and Jelly Beanie and Andrea gave her a gold sparkly wine glass...

....and a martini cocktail glass which she seemed very happy with!!!

She likes her prezzies!!!!  Hurray!!

Then we got lunch.  It was a Lamb Roast wiv beans, carrots, roast potatoes, brokli, yorkshire pudding, peas, some weird green things we didn't eat an loads of gravy.  It was proper yumtastic, and we won't need to eat again for about a week!!!!

Then we helped Vicky carry her prezzies back to her house and stopped for a cuppa tea.  We said hello to Prince T Dog

And that's Max T Dog wearing some wrapping paper.  
He's a bit bonkers.
That was a fab day out, that was!!

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