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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Review of the year 2016

Well, we've had a busy year this year..... January started quietly enough with a day out to London, not entirely what we planned to do, but a fun day out anyway!
trip to London British Museum

In February we had a couple of little wanders around town with friends, here
which you can read about here walking in Brighton

And another little wander around, here
Click here to read more

In March we had a few trips..... firstly to London
which you can read about here: London

And a day out to Lewes.....
Which you can read about here: Lewes

And a bus ride to Eastbourne.....
Which you can read about here: Eastbourne

And another day out to London!!
Which you can read about here: London

In April we went gambling
.....on The Pier

 And in May we started with a day out.... London

And then we had a weekend in London for Andrea's birthday!!
Read about it here Day One
and here day two
and here day three

And here we had another day out with mates!!
Which you can read about here: London

In June we had a rather soggy day out in Eastbourne....
but the chandalier was posh!  Read about it here: Eastbourne

In July we got drunk!!!
Read here: drunk!!

In August we had a day out here...
Read about London Here

And another day out here...
Read about London Here

In September I met up with my mates again....
...... in Lewes When I Burped

And another day, we started the Snowdogs trail!!
......Along the seafront

In October we saw some more snowdogs....
Which you can read about here: snowdogs

And then when we went for a weekend away for my birthday, we found Jelly Beanie!!
read about the trip to London Day one
And here for Day two
And here for Day three

Then when we got home, we took Jelly B around town....
Jelly Beanie in Brighton First day
Jelly Beanie in Brighton second day

Finally, on my actual birthday, we had another day trip to London!
Beanie's birthday day out

 In November we met up with Sir Woodstock....
And we went gambling on the Pier Here

Another day, we had a big posh meal out....
which you can read about here

In December we celebrated Vicky's birthday
which you can read about here: lunch

I also showed Jelly Beanie aroune the Royal Pavilion too...
Which you can read about here: Royal Pavilion

We also had another day out in London.....
which you can read about here: London

And finally.....
We had a Christmas lunch with Sir Woodstock

Wow!!!  What a funtabulous year!!!!


  1. Great year in review! What new adventures are in store for Beanie and Jelly in 2017?

    1. We don't know yet!!! We're having more train strikes on this month which doesn't make things easy...!

  2. Fantastic review - I haven't properly for ages but am making a determined effort xx

  3. Sounds like a great year! I like how you do the Year in Review... I might have to try too.