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Saturday, 19 November 2016

A little trip with loads of food!

Yesterday, Andrea took us in to work but we didn't stay long.  We had to go to A Meeting!!
So we got on a bus....

And ended up where Andrea used to work before she moved to the office she's at now!
Jelly Beanie met Arnty Bev who gave him a skarf!!!  It's good eh?!!

After the big meeting, we all went out to lunch.  We had Chrissmoss crackers and this was our prize!!  (you can pull the lid off and it's a little squirty thing!!)

AND we got alcohol!!!  HUZZAH!

Oh look!  Garlic bread!!

AND PIZZA!!  Brilliant!!!

That was Arnty Bev's pudding but she didn't let us have any.  That's OK, we don't share our chocolate either.

After that, we found another grafitti cable box!!

Later on, we took the bus to the marina and found an Octo-santa-pus!!!  Then we met Vicky to go see the Street Cat called Bob movie - it was terrific!!!  There was a couple of scary bits in where Bob chased a mouse, but the mouse escaped!!


  1. Garlic bread and pizza?? YUM. You're wearing your bear pin! so cute!

    1. Jelly Beanie wears it because he didn't have any when he got here. Jelly loves it!

  2. Pizza, Garlic bread and alcohol. You two are so lucky. Did you finish the dinner off with some artisan cheeses?

  3. I like the piano picture in your banner photo!