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Sunday, 16 October 2016

A Big Trip to London, day two

Morning!!!  We had breakfast again today.....

And since we weren't meeting up with Sandy and Littol Fox until later, we had an hour or two to wander round.....

I really like the elly vators here!!

It was a bit drippy outside today but we decided to go window shopping at St Pancras station.

They had some interesting drainpipe attachments too.

When Sandy and Littol Fox arrived, because we couldn't get the train to Colchester, we set up a video phone call thing wiv Bob and Dilly!!!  Facebook kept booting us off line, but we kept trying!
There's Bob!!

OH!  Hello!!!

Hahahaaaa!!  He's funny, is Bob!!

Little Fox and George fell over, an pee'd themselves larfin'!!!!!

See???!  Hahahahahaaaaaa!!!!

Oh hang on!  Bob has chocolate there!!!
Oh that was hilarious!!

After we'd all stopped larfin' we decided to get the bus into town.  Arntie Helena had told us about the Moomin shop, but Sandy Bear didn't know what a Moomin was.

When we got on the bus, I left another CD there.....

We like riding buses!

We got off here at Aldwych.....

And then went up the road to Covent Garden!  It had shiney bits on it....

.....with weird reflections!
Aha!  Here's the market!!  We all did a bit of market stall looking.....

And then checked out the Moomin shop!!  we had to go up a ricketty wooden staircase to get in the shop, but it was fun!

And then it was time for lunch!!!


We went upstairs to the little tearoom.....

It's nice in here....

When we put our food order in, the waitress put the place settings on our table!

My drink got photobombed by Littol Fox!!!

That's a Laduree Club Sandwich with chicken!!  We got fat fries with that too!!!
After we had lunch, we went downstairs and bought some macarons too.  (I'll show you the box I got later - we're going to use it as a gift box for Arnty Helena's birthday present!!!)

That's Arnty Giselle eating a chocolate macaron.  That's why she looks so happy!!!

Then we walked along to Trafalgar Square..... there was some noisy event going on!!

We went in to look at the Impressionist pictures.....

And we found marble flowers!!

....we had a snooze while waiting for the grown ups to finish.....

They had fancy indoor drain covers here too!!!

Then it was time to go!!!  Sandy Bear and Little Fox had a dinner appointment up near Islington and had to be there for 5 pm..... so we had one last photo shoot before we said goodbye!!
What a fun weekend!!!

On our way back to the bus stop, we caught sight of the new Thumbs' Up on the Fourth Plinth!!

Here we are - we'll get the 91 bus back....

It started raining a little bit and I spotted a rainbow!!!

I left another CD on that bus too!

And we're off.....

....past a park.....

And we got off here outside the British Library!!!  That green building over the road is the youth hostel we're staying in!
Handy, huh!??!

We had just enough time to leave another bookcrossing book in the courtyard!
After we left our bags at the youth hostel and had a bit of a sit down......

We decided to come eat dinner here!  It's part of the Pullman Hotel on Euston Road, and the menu looked rather interesting.....

We started off with a fizzy drink.....

And had pan fried salmon fillet with Hollandaise sorce and some salady bits....

And some frites.... it was proper yum!!!

Then we went back to the hostel....

And we were so knackered, we all went to sleep!
Oh what a fab weekend!!!


  1. That breakfast looks great! I am so glad you and Jelly got reunited.
    -Drunk Fox

  2. Yummy! So nice to see the two mice together!

  3. It was great to get together for not one but TWO adventures! Although... it seems all the macaroons disappeared beary quickly from our little box. Little Fox was beary excited to meet so many stuffies!