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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Jelly Beanie's first Look Around Town!

 Today, we decided to take Jelly Beanie around town looking for Snowdogs!!  That way, Jelly could get an idea of what Brighton is like while having a doggie adventure!

The first one was Newshound inside Brighton Train station!

He's kinda fun, huh??!!

His bum was right up against a coffee kiosk so we couldn't really see it very well....

We like him!  After that, we walked through the North Laines and found.....

This one!

He's called Frank!

He's got Brighton Pier painted on him!

And that's his bum.

And that's the Brighton Pavillion!!

Then we walked to St Peter's Church and found....


He wears Green Dungarees!!!!!

Wiv flowers on the sides!

He's a bit fuzzy

Then we walked along to the Pavillion Gardens.....

And found a Nightmare doggie!!!

He's got doodles all over!!!

AND on his bum!!!

That's funny!

We did a diversion into the Brighton Museum and found a Snowpuppy called Harvey!

He was nice!

Then we found there was a bunch of Snowdoggies near the Pavillion Gardens and the Dome...

Including Merry-go-Hound!

He's Gold!

With a Bulls-eye on his bum!!

Very pretty though....

We found Roodle in the Dome cafe...

He was furry!!!

He was lovely too!

This was the next one....

....Splashhound near the library.

Looks like he jumped in puddles of paint!!!

This one was outside the Theatre Royal....

And was Yello!!!!

.....Very Yellow!!

on the way to the next doggie, we found a new grafitti'd cable box.

And then we got to the Steine Gardens....

And found Legal Beagle!!!

He's got a map of Brighton on him!

And the i360 comes out of his bum!!!

He's interesting!

Then we went up to the Brighton Council building and found.....

Koinu Yakuza the Japanese Puppy!!!

He's very pretty!

Then we went along to Donatello's restaurant in the Lanes....

And found Crush Puppy!

He was parked right up against the restaurant windows so we couldn't get a good picture of one side...

But he looks interesting......

We had to sit on a table to get in this bum picture!!!

we passed another cable box as we walked on through the Lanes....

And then found this one in Dukes Street!


Oh he's fun!!!

He's got a sparkly bum!!

He's brill!

OH!!!  Ben's Cookie shop????

Ben sells his Cookie's here???

Then we walked up to Churchill Square and found.....

Blot the Dog!!  He looks a bit ferocious...

but he comes wiv an Ice Lolly!

He's got a skull on his bum!

And another Lolly on that side too!
By this time we were getting hungry so we decided to get a bus back home an have lunch.
Jelly Beanie says he wants to go looking for more Snowdoggies now!
I think he likes being in Brighton.....


  1. Ben's Cookies !?!? Ben thinks he should get a portion of the profits! You sure saw a TON of cool doggies. The big white fully one looks like Milou, Tintin's dog. Jelly Beanie must have had a wonderful time!

    1. Oh yeah, he did!!! He was larffin' loads!!! There's more doggies to go find as well..... and we were both surprised to see that Ben has a shop over here!!! You kept that one quiet!

  2. I like Newshound, Roodle, and Disco Dog. I see you were examining their bums...did you happen to notice if any of their tails wagged to the right?