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Monday, 24 October 2016

Skull Collection!

 The one above and below were spotted in a tattoo shop window on Hove seafront on May 8th 2017!

We found a skull and crossbones flag in London in December 2016!!

Above seen in a shop window in Church Road, Hove, October 2016

Shop grafitti in the North Laines, Brighton, August 2016

Sticker found in Hove in July 2016

Teapot seen in a jewellers shop in the Lanes, Brighton on 7th May 2016

Found in a shop in Brighton Marina

 This skull we won on an arcade game at the Worthing Lido!!!

And we saw this in Worthing as well!

 This is a half-a-skull in a cycle lane marker in Brighton

 We saw this skull in a window of Brighton Youth Hostel

And these we saw in a shop window in Brighton

We saw these Vodka Skull bottles in Fortnum and Masons

These ones are all the grafitti skulls we've seen in Brighton.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

Pumpkin carving!!!

Today we got a pumpkin and decided to carve a face in it for Jerry and Ben's contest!!

First we had to make a hole in the top.

Yup, that'll work!!!

Then we had to scoop out all the gloop from inside!  That was hard work!!!

Now then...... one eye......

Two eyes!!!

Tango said he'd do the mouth!!!

Get the candle!!!!!

We drew the curtain and lit the light...... but we'll take another picture tonight when it's dark!!!
Then it'll be proper scarey!!!!!!


Saturday, 22 October 2016

The previous post.....

Has officially been updated with photos and videos!!!

Friday, 21 October 2016

Beanie's Birthday Gallavanting!!

Today is my birthday and we're going out!!!

We got the bus to here....

And then walked up the road a bit a met a Robot!!

Oh here we are!  Brighton Station again!

We had time to have a little boogie on the piano before we got the train!!!

AND we got a window seat as well!!   I like window seats!
Jelly Beanie says he likes window seats too because he's never got the train before!!!

An this is a Viddy-Oh I made of Jelly Beanie on the train!  He loved the view!!

The train was about 10 minutes late but we didn't mind.  We weren't in a rush!!
We used the Facilities at the station and left a CD on the door!!!

And then we got a bus!!!

We tied a tag to one of the seats!!

And we got off here at Somerset House to see an expedition!!!

And there was a Moo Vee crew in the Courtyard!!!  They had signs up saying don't worry if you hear gunshots, it's not real guns and they're not really dead.  We're just playing!

Then we went in to see the Rodin expedition and got £4.50 off the entrance ticket with our art pass!!!

Just as well really because it was a bit boring.  It was only in two rooms, and was lots of pencil & watercolour sketches of dance positions.  There was also some plaster casts Rodin had made of arms too.  In fact, the only interesting bit was a couple of pictures of Nijinsky when he did the Rites of Spring dance for Diagilhev in Paris that really annoyed everyone at the time.  Apparently Nijinsky modelled for Rodin at the time and some plaster casts were made from them which didn't get found until 1958 and then little bronzes were made.

So after that we decided to get another bus.....

And we left a tag on there too!!!

We went past lots of interesting buildings.....

That's St James's Palace, you know.  Somebody very rich lives in there.

And we got off here...... and then it was a short walk.....

To Horrids!!!  I'm having a birthday lunch in Horrids!!!  With my cousin Jelly Beanie!!!!

And they decorated it specially!!!!!

First we had a look round and did a spot of shopping and then we got a bit lost...... so we went outside....

And took the side entrance to Laduree!!!  Huzzah!

We go a fizzy drink....

And we got a Burger each!!!  With fat fries!!

After that, we had a couple of hours to spend gadding about before we came home, so we got another bus.

And left another tag on it!!

We made another Viddy Oh going round Hyde Park Corner and Constitution Hill!!

And we got off here at the Ritz!

But we went in here instead!

And had a hot chocolate.  Arntie Giselle had a hot chocolate here last week and we got jealous.  So we came back again to have one today.  It was yum!

We used the facilities here too and left them a CD!
(Ed's note: this has been claimed HERE)

That's Fortnum & Masons over the road.

It's an interesting road, this one!

This is Piccadilly Circus, Jelly Beanie!!  Isn't it exciting?!?!?!
"Yeah, Tis!"


After having a good ol' look see, we decided to get another bus back....... and they got a tag too!

This viddy oh, we're going down the side of Green Park!!

And we got off here!

And then walked down to here

Then it was time to get our coach home.  And we got Jaffa Cakes!!!  Hurrah!

And we're off!

That's quite a fancy bridge isn't it?!

This Viddy oh is us crossing the River Thames!

After a while, we got hungry.....

....and then it got dark....

....and REALLY dark!!!  We all had a bit of a snooze!

All of a sudden they put the lights on!  (We'd tied a tag to the seat in front!)

That's Brighton Pier!!

And the next stop was ours!!  We're home!!!
After we'd gone in and unpacked our shopping, we sat down for dinner.
Andrea said she had a special present for me......

What's in it?
(Ed's note: please don't say anything, but I dropped the box accidentally, whilst putting the cake in the fridge.  It's supposed to be dome shaped, and it's called a Mont Blanc)

YUMMMMM!!!  It's got a meringuey bottom and lots of cream and mushed up chestnut and a marron glace on the top!!  I LOVE IT!

Go on, Jelly, you have some too!
Isn't it brilliant?!?!?!

Let's eat it all before Andrea notices ......... !!!!
(Ed's note: it didn't last long!!!  And I didn't even get to lick the plate....!)