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Thursday, 4 August 2016

Some of our shopping!!

I haven't shown you my shopping from yesterday, have I?!?!  These are the postcards I got from the Tate Britain gallery.  We used one as a birthday card for Andrea's Dad today!

We actually got these from Fortnum & Masons on Monday..... they're tubs of Lemon thins and Ginger thins Bis Kwits that Andrea's mum & dad had been hunting high and low for - and we found them!!!  They liked them so much, they decided to buy them off us!!!

We also got some more yummy coffee from Horrids.  (we kept that)

And we got some more yummy hot chocolate too.  (we kept that, as well!)

And, I found 20p on the pavement outside Horrids in London yesterday too! 
That's going in my pirate treasure chest!!!!  I'm quite rich, you know.
I got a couple of other things too but one of them's a present for someone.  I don't want to show a picture until we've given it to them because it's a surprise.  


  1. Horrids.. hahaa!
    You always find the coolest stuff Beanie

  2. OK... and it looks like you must have a cool collection of Horrid's tins as well!?