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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Lunch in Brighton

We went into Brighton today to have lunch with a friend.... and found some more cable boxes!

We went to JBs diner on the seafront and we were thirsty.  I got an elderflower Fizz.....

and then we all shared a supersized burger wiv chips!
It was yummmmm....!

On the way back we found some more grafitti - it was fab!


  1. Nice cable boxes! What is elderflower fizz??? That is a beary weird flavour! And I noticed your burger has an American flag stuck in it... is that just cause burgers are so "American"?? Or maybe you're planning a trip to the US?

    1. elderflower fizz is actually quite nice!! It has that fizzy tonic/soda water in it..... and we had that lunch in an American Diner on the seafront, hence the American flag!!