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Sunday, 17 July 2016

Drunk at the Ginfest......!!

Yesterday lunchtime, we went into Brighton to meet up wiv Vicky.  We saw this fun Union Jack on the way!!

And another grafitti cable box!

And a statue of Max Miller!  Who's he?

Then we walked down another road and saw an octopus!!!

Then we got here!  We were meeting Vicky for something but we got here first....

Oh wow!  Look at that!!  This building used to be part of the Royal Pavilion building - something like the stables but we're not sure...


When Vicky arrived, we had to wait in line to get into something called Ginfest.  But the line moved fairly quickly, and we got a Free Goodie Bag (pics later) and then went went in to a big room that had bucketloads of gin to try!!!  Vicky bought a token ticket that let us try four different gins (she was really nice and let me and Andrea have slurps out of each one!!) and she even let me pick one of the gins to try!!

I chose this one because it was last on the list and I felt sorry for it being last on the list.  BUT it was SCRUMTASTIC!!!!  All of us thought this one was the best!!!!  It was a violet sherbert sort of a gin and was proper pukka!!!
I'm going to save up some pennies to buy a bottle of this!!

After that, we went out for lunch because we were all hungry - we went past this cable box on the way.

....and stopped here for food...... OH CRUD!  I can't stand up!  ......whoop....sie.........

Dohh..... what?  Oh!  Food..... yeh, right.  I'm hungry aren't I?

Oh now wait a minute.  This is baked camembert wiv bread and chutney..... oh now this is YUMMERS!

Oh that's better.... hic!!!
We went to meet Bev after this as she had some Very Important Shopping to do..... this shoe shop!!

She tried on loads and loads AND LOADS of shoes and eventually found a pair small enough for her feet!!  She was Very Happy!!!  We gave her a round of applause afterwards, too!

Then we went off to Vicky's house and found a new cable box on the way.

Bev got me a present!!!!!

Vicky cooked us dinner of beef wic Brokly an rice wiv chicken saytay an spring rolls and prawn toasts and other yummy bits.  It was all yum!!  Afterwards we watched the Minions and then Andrea was tired and couldn't stop yawning so we decided to come home!

And on the way back, we met our friend Cat and stopped for a chat!!!

Cat is ever so friendly and loves having a chat with us!

I found a button while we were out as well!

And this is what we got from the gun fest - a big shopping bag, our own gin glass (important for when I get my bottle of last on the list gin), a stick of rock and a Beanie Pencil - I can use that wiv my Mouse Book that Bev gave me!!
What a fab day out?!?!?!?!!

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Bob & Dilly's Mum....

We been chatting wiv Helena and her head's not in a good place (depressive bipolar kind crap)  Any of you that have her address, it may be a good time to send some silly haha mail to try cheer her up......

Just saying......

Sunday, 10 July 2016

Hammie mail!

We got a postcard from Hammie yesterday!!!

It's from a Mayan expedition they went to see!
Thanks Hammie!