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Saturday, 7 May 2016

We went shopping!!!

Today Andrea took me into town because we were meeting someone. 
We found a sweet shop!!

What do you mean we're not going in??????

That's outrageous!!!

We walked through the Lanes and found a Pirates teapot!!!!!

And a piggie ring!!!

And a scarey fish tea pot!!!

We ended up at Cass Art which is where we met my friend Vicky.  We did some shopping in here.  It was fun!!!

Then we went to somewhere called the Mock Turtle and had lunch.

We had Scones wiv jam an cream on!!!!

They were yumtastic!!!!

This is where we had tea for lunch.  It's down near Poole Valley and the Coach Station - we must come here again, it's fab!!!

After that, we went up to another art shop and then to a food shop and we found this grafitti on the way!!
We had a nice day out!

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