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Monday, 21 March 2016

We went to Eastbourne!!

 Today Andrea said we were going off to do some more bookcrossing!

 So off we went up to the bus stop.....

 And got off here.  We had to wait for the 12X bus.  Wonder where that goes?

 The bus came on time, and we're off!!!

 We're going through a place called Newhaven here...... you can just about see some boats through the window if you squint hard enough.....

 And then it was across the South Downs.....

 .....and lots of pretty countryside...... Eastbourne???  Where's Eastbourne?!?!?!

 We got off at the very last stop at Eastbourne Pier!!!  Andrea said we come to the same place to get the bus home - that's handy!!

 Oh gosh!!!  What - we're not playing the arcade games today?

 Are we going up here??

 Oh - we're going the other way along the beach!!! That's quite a posh Pier really, isn't it?!

 Oh wow..... that's an interesting building!

 .....wonder what's over that way.......

 We found a Beanie Seat!!!

 Oh look!!!  A cafe and museum!!!   Are we going there??

 The Redoubt Fortress!!!  Oh let's go here!!!

 ....and it's free to go in!!!

 Well, we went down the stairs and left a book on one of the tables!!!

 And then went into the fortress!!!  Oh wow!!!

 First we needed a wee so we left another book hanging on the back of the door!!!

 And we left another book behind the scarey stairs!!!  We could've gone up the stairs for the view at the top, but we didn't - we decided to go into the museum bit which cost £4.50 but it was a really interesting museum!!!  Apparently the fortress was built back in 1700 and something when some little French twerp called Napoleon wanted to invade England and get rid of the king.  But we just bombed the crap out of his boats so he didn't.  Then back in the 1940s, another little German twerp called Hitler tried to invade as well, so a lot of English troops took over the fortress with lots of big guns and bombed the crap out of his airplanes.  He lost as well.

 Andrea tried on one of the tin hats they used to wear!!!

 We left one of the books in the museum too!!!  

 How did they get that car in here?!?!?!

 That's an engine from a spitfire plane!!  They were good planes, they were!
Better than the German Fokkers.

 In another room they were playing video footage of spitfires in action - we left a book in the room all about airplanes in the war!

 They had spiffy uniforms you know.

 They even had a Squaddie Bear too!!!  Huzzah!!!

 On our way out, we  rescued liberated a mouse.  Not sure what his name is yet, he's still a little nervous.  It's all those bombs going off.  Makes anyone nervous.

 Then we decided it was time to get the bus home.....


 Nice view, eh?!

 There's the Pier entrance - nearly at the bus stop!

 Oh!!  And there's the bus ready and waiting!!!  How excellent!!!

 All ready to go!

 And away we go!!

 Back through the countryside!

 There's the Seven Sisters country park and Cuckmere Haven!  It's really pretty there!!

 Andrea says she thinks this bit is protected countryside because there's endangered species living here or something - or maybe it's just too pretty to allow anyone to build on.  Good idea - I like pretty places!

 Here we are going through Newhaven again!!  They have ferries that go from here to Dieppe in France, you know.  Can we do that one day?  Can we?

 Oh coo!

 That's cliff tops on the other side of that fence. 

 You can just about see the white cliff through the window there..... in the middle.....

 Coming up to Brighton Marina.... we've been there!

 .....and coming up to Brighton Pier!!

 There's the Pier!!!

 We got off here and then got another bus home.

And then we just had to walk down the road home.  What fun!!!


  1. Nice trip Beanie! Think you made a lot of people happy by loosing your books:-)!

  2. Excellent trip! German Fokkers... hahhahhahah!!! I must say, your mouse friend (does he/she have a name?) has paws that look beary similar to Hammie... I wonder if they're distantly related?

    1. Well mice and hamsters ARE cousins you know. And that's Bomber Billy.