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Sunday, 13 March 2016

Bookcrossing in Brighton

 Because the sun's out again, we decided to go into town and do some bookcrossing.  So..... up to the bus stop!

 And we got off here.....

 ...and went into the Pavillion Gardens!

 We left the first book on the railing!

 Gosh it's pretty here.....

 The next book we left on a bench!

 Then we walked out the other side of the gardens..... and I found a one pound coin all by myself!!!  I'm so lucky!!

 Then we decided to go over this way.....

 Oh let's leave a book here!!!

 We can leave it here on the submarine!!!
(Ed's note: this has since been caught - see here)

 Oh!  I didn't know that....

 We're at the Pier!!!  We're not going to play any arcade games because we haven't brought our 2p collection with us. Or Vicky.  Or Hev.  Or Bev.

 That's the top half of a skull there.....

 We left our last book there!!

 Then we walked up through Poole Valley Coach Station - that's Brighton Youth Hostel now, that white building.

 They had a skull too!

 Then we walked through the Lanes.....

 ....and found some more skulls......

 And decided to get a bus home.

 And we're off....!

 When we got off, we looks at some ads in a newsagents window.  That's just a RIDICULOUS amount of money for a room in a house!!  It's stupid - they'll never rent it for that much!!

 Then we came home.....

And I put my money in my pirate box!!!

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