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Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Year of the Honeybee 2016

Personality of The Honey Bee
The honey bee is a very industrious fellow, always on the move collecting pollen and stuff to take back to the bee hive to make honey with.   A bee hive is like a big apartment block specially for bees.  They have very short tempers though, so don't go pissing them off by trying to swat them, because they'll just sting you and then tell all their mates to come by and sting you some more.  They like bears lots though because Bears poo in the woods and fertilise all the plants that make pollen for the bees to get to make honey with, as a thankyou present for pooing in the woods.  So bees and bears get on well together.

Famous Bees
Maya the Bee.
Bee-trix Potter, the author

Patron saint of the honeybee, well it's St Gobnait for bees - Information about her is here St Gobnait
And St Ambrose the patron saint of beekeepers - information here St Ambrose

Made an etsy treasury on bees here Bee Treasury