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Thursday, 28 January 2016

We got presents from Bob and Dilly!!!!!

 We got a Big Box delivered today and we didn't know who it was from.....

 There was a Big Red Box inside the brown paper......

 And a card from Arnty Helena saying sorry the Chrissmoss presont is so late.

 First of all, there were some rubber stamps for us all to play with!!  Huzzah!!

 Then there was lots of painted leaves!!!  Tango said they were speshul leaves to wipe your bum wiv after fertilizin the garden.  I said no they weren't because they were too pretty.

 Then we found the first present wrapped up in fabric!

 It was for everybody!!

 It was a JigSor puzzol!!!!  We love those!!!

 The next one had a funny badge on it!

 It was for Andrea

 It was a fancy sketchbook with a canvas cover that she can paint on!!!  Excellent!!!  She says she really likes it!

 The next present was for me and Tango!!!  Brill!

 It's CHOCOLATE!!!!  See?  The B one is mine and the T one is Tango's and no-one else is allowed to eat it!!

 The next present is for George and it's just from Dilly.

 George is very good at untying bows.

 He got chocolate as well!!  Chocolate love harts!!!!  We think Dilly fancies George......

The last present in the box was three badges..... a dragon for George, a Bear for Tango and a Mousey for me!!!  What a brilliant box of goodies!
Thanks Bob and Dilly AND Arnty Helena!!!