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Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Special charity shop find!!!

 Today after work, Andrea raced back to a charity shop nearby to see if they still had some things that she saw yesterday before she got paid!!!  And they were still there so she bought them!!!  They're little printing plates of old advertisements for newspapers!!!  We think this one is for beds....

 And we think this one is some kind of smelly bathroom stuff....

 We think this one is some brand of cosmetics....... idea about this one!!.......

And this one we think is to do with suitcases!!  This weekend we're going to print them up and see what they're of!


  1. OH WOW!! That's the best find ever!

    1. Yeah!! we were really worried that someone else would buy them first, but they didn't!!!

  2. Excellent!!! You can have a lot of fun with those!