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Monday, 18 January 2016

I got money!!!

 Today on her way home, Andrea found two pennies, a five pee and a rusty washer on the pavement.  That's a sidewalk in English

 Our Nu Year Ressilooshun was that any money Andrea finds on the pavement goes in MY piratey Treasure chest that I got for Christmas!!!

 One penny.....

 Five pee

 Rusty washer....

An another penny!!!  Andrea says that at the end of this year, I get to spend all my money on whatever I want!!!!


  1. Saving money can be very useful when you want to buy things... I always enjoy thinking about the things I could spend it on! That's half of the fun already!!!

  2. Excellent... Mama found 4p when she was helping her sister and brother-in-law clean out their basement. In addition to $5.50 in Canadian coin! Does your Nu Year's Resolusion say anything about money that comes in the mail? Does that go in your pirate chest too?

    1. Well, we're in negotiations about that. Helping decide what the money is spent on, is the closest we can agree on!!!

    2. Ahhh... I see... well, maybe I'll save my found coppers (not police) and surreptitiously pass them to you the next time I hop across the pond!