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Sunday, 31 January 2016

A Day out in London

Yesterday we got up early (for a Saturday) and went up the road to catch a bus.

We found a new cable box near the station!!

He's funny!!

Here we are!  Brighton train station!

While we were waiting for a train, we was this plark on the floor!

Then it was time to get on the train!!!  We were hoping to meet up wiv Arnty Helena and Arnty Diane but they weren't able to come in the end.  Arnty Helena got gremlins in her head and Arnty Diane got a Bloody Migraine so they both stayed in bed.  (not the same bed)

It's pretty coming through the countryside.

Oh!  We're at Blackfriars Station!!!  I always like the view on this station!!

You can just about see Tower Bridge in the distance!!

We stayed on the train a few more stops and then got off here.....

At St Pancras Station in London!

First of all, we stopped off in the British Library Courtyard.....

And left a book to be found by somebody!!

Then we went inside and had a quick look round the Pop-up shop!

Then we went downstairs to use the facilities.  We left a weathergram on the door, too!

They had a printing press down there!!!

Then we headed off...... past this fella.....

To the bus stop to get the number 73 bus.

We didn't have to wait long either!!!  We tied a weathergram to the rail....

And then we got off here!!!!  I'm not surprised here - it was windy!!!

Hang on - this isn't the way to the Museum!  Where are we going???

Ah!  We had to go do a bit of shopping in a nearby Whittards shop, and then we came back again past this theatre!

THEN we went into our favourite art shop to spend some more money!!!

And then we stopped in here for lunch!  We were starving!!!

We started off with some olives and some cheesey dippy stuff with bread to go with it.  That was yummers!!

Then we had a Taboulleh salad - that was yummers too!!

And then we had the chicken shish with couscous that was yumtastic!!!!  We got two courses for £12.45 which is a good deal for central London.

Then we went into the British Museum.....

Where we'd got a ticket for the Celts: art and identity expedition.

First of all, we worked out which room the expedition was in - it's the other side of this bit with the stairs, in the left hand corner.  Okey dokey, that's easy.

First of all we went downstairs to use the facilities again, and left another book hanging on the door!!!

Well, that was a bit disappointing..... we'd had a timed ticket to get in the expedition for 2:50 p.m.  Gave us time to wander round a bit, but then at 2:45 we go to room 30, and were asked to wait for 5 minutes.  Fair enough.  Then at 2:50 we (and a bunch of other people with 2:50 tickets) get up to go in.  Lady at entrance says oh no, you have to wait five minutes please.  I said why?  Lady said well it's a very popular show, this is the last weekend, we have to be very strict about entry times.  I said I understand that but it's 2:50 now.  Why can't I go in??  Lady looked at her watch and then said well we're still waiting for some other 2:40 people to turn up.  Another lady behind me said (sarcastically) Oh we're not allowed in because other people are late!!!!  Then they let us in. 
Turns out that the expedition was ridiculously busy and you couldn't actually see most of the pieces (apart from the tops of the bigger pieces) without getting elbows in ribs, foot stomped on, and a few dirty looks and muttered cursings.  It didn't take long for me AND Andrea to get rather pissed off!!!  We gave up in the end and went to look at the expedition gift shop...... only to find they only had the very big and heavy expedition catalogues for £25 & over, and the top end priced jewellery/scarves.  No postcards, no greeting card, no DVDs nothing under a tenner.  We thought that because it was the last weekend, they hadn't bothered restocking the sold out stuff,.
We're a bit disappointed with the British Museum now.

Since it was getting on in the afternoon now, we decided to come home, so we went down to Tottenham Court Road ......

And found the bus stop for the number 73 bus

And we got off here at the British Library.

Then it was just a short walk down here.....

Back to St Pancras station.....

To get the train back to Brighton!!!

Here we are at Blackfriars Station again!!

And here we are back at Brighton Station!!!

And there's a bus waiting for us!!!  Excellent!

We tied another weathergram on the rail too!

We got off here, and had to nip into Tesco's first before we went home

This was pudding.
We got that at the British Museum
But you won't like it.  It's horrid.
It's mine.


  1. You always have the best day outs Beanie! Looks like you had a great time.

    1. Yeah, it was a shame we didn't see Bob an Dilly and Arnty Helena and Arnty Diane but we did some good shopping and had a fantabulous lunch!

  2. Hmmm... sounds like the British Museum is getting a bit snooty! Nothing under a tenner... wow... that's like not finding anything for under $20 here. Oh well... I did like the pic of you with your ears blowed back - you did look either surprised or very awake!

  3. Hewo! Mewseum be horbol if not hav ickle things to by.

  4. Oh, an exposition about the Celts!!! We would have loved that!!! We don't like expositions with tickets on time that don't start at the time you got on your ticket! We went to the big David Bowie exposition in Groningen, we had tickets for 16:00, and we started to stand in line at 15:30 and we could enter at 16:40!!! Then they had to let the museum open for more than an hour because all the people that had a ticket from 17:00 till 18:00 were standing in line too!!!! Luckily they let the museum stay open longer, people had to pay 25 euro to get inside (museum and extra money for the very special exposition, we have our museum card so we only payed the extra money). When you pay that much you want to have enough time to see it all!!! We loved the exposition about Bowie, even though it was very crowded there too, and we were very sad to hear he had died, just a few weeks after visiting the exposition...