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Saturday, 26 December 2015

The rest of our prezzies!!!

 Here's the rest of the stuff that we brought back from Andrea's Mum & Dad's yesterday!!!  We got another tin of Horrids salted caramel hot choccie!

 And a Kneipp Eucalyptus bath oil.

 And some sketching pencils and sketch books!!

 We got Scarface on DVDVDVDVVDVDVD with Al Pacino in it.

 And Schindlers List on DDVDVDVVDVD too

 an ANOTHER box of choccies!  Just as well we like choccies!

 Then we opened up the last box.....

 Which had some miniature bottles of Alziari olive oil and vinegar and a little pouch of lavendar!
And two bone china mugs wiv robins on!!!
We've not seen the robins in our garden for  while...... hope they're OK.....


  1. Cool!! You got a lot of cool prezzies... can you have hot chocolate in a bone china cup?? Or are those reserved for tea?

  2. Oh I think hot chocolate would taste even better in a bone china mug!!!