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Friday, 4 December 2015

A Day out In London!!

Today we had a lie-in at home which is weird for a Friday, but then later, Andrea said we were going out!!

Just as we got to the bus stop, a number six got there which Andrea said we were getting!  Excellent!

......all the way to the train station!

I had a bit of a boogie on the piano, and a bit later Vicky turned up!!
Then we all had a mad dash for the London train.....!

....and when we got on, I tied a weathergram onto the seat!

And we're off!!!

Here we are!  Crossing the Thames so that means we're nearly there!

We had to wait for somebody else to turn up though.....

So we waited outside the Lush shop and then Ninja Bev turned up!

Then we had to go to the bus stop for the C1 bus

The bus was a bit late so we had time for a photoshoot.  Me and The Gang!!

It was really busy on the bus but we all got seats!

And I tied one of my decorated floppy discs onto the rail!

Here we are at Horrids again!  We're on an Shopping Expedition!!!  I love those!

First we went into the chocolate part of the Food Hall and bought some hot chocolate for prezzies and some fudge.

After we had a good nose around licking all the chocolate, we went through the food hall.......

....and said hello to the Octopus.....

.....and then went through this part of the food hall.......

And ended up at Laduree!!!  Andrea says we're going for a Posh Tea for Vicky's birthday!!!  HUZZAAHHHH!!!

Vicky got an iced coffee, ninja Bev got a pot of green pee and we got Laduree coffee.  It was yummers!!

Me and Ninja Bev got the cake stand tea, and I started off with a smoked salmon sarnie and a cheesie sarnie.  They were yum!

That's our cake stand!!  Impressive innit?!?!

That's Vicky's cake.  It was her birthday this week!!

 Then we had Kwussants.  I had a chocolate kwussant and a chocolate pistachio kwussant.  Ninja Bev said she'd ordered a chocolate pistachio kwussant but hers was a chocolate kwussant and a sugared brioche roll thingy.  But they were all yum!!

 mnnmnnnnnnmnonon  mnnn mn nwnwnwnmnnmnnnn.

 This is one of the cakes that I had.  It's got raspberries in it, and raspberry macaron top and bottom and lychees in the middle wiv cream.  It was spectacular!!!  Vicky got a bit upset because I dropped a bit on the floor but I told her to shut up.  I'd collect that bit later when I got down from the table
The last cake (chocolate) they put in a mousie-box so I could take it home and eat it later, when I wake up at 2 in the morning.  I also had a vanilla and a coffee macaron.
After that, I went and bought a box of eight macarons in a posh box wiv a ribbon on it.  I'll show you that later.  If you're lucky.

 After that, we went up to the 2nd floor to look at the Chrisssmosss decorations!!!

 They were lovely!  We decided to buy this one because it's bloo.

 After that, we'd finished all our shopping so we decided to go somewhere for something called Mulled Whine.  I think that's something to do with discussing the moaning biddies we'd met during the day.  Anyway, we looked at the window displays first....

 They got mice in wiv piratey treasure!!!

 Then we went over the road to the bus stop.....

 This C1 bus wasn't quite so busy so we all got seats straight away.  I tied another floppy disc to the rail!

 And we're off!!!

 And here we are at the station again!!  We went upstairs to a place called Wetherspoons.....

 ....and Mulled Whine is a drink!!!!!!!!!  IT's FANTABULOUS!!!!!

 There's me an Ninja Bev.....

 That's me and Vicky!!!  I look blurry because Vicky nearly dropped me.  I think she drunk too much.

 And that's me an Andrea.  I let her have some of my drink.  I think she liked it!

 Then it was time to go home!!!  Ninja Bev had to get a different train to us so we said goodbye on the platform and then me and Vicky got the train home.

 Bye bye London!!!

 And here we are arriving at Brighton!!!!!
Vicky went back to her house and we went out to the bus stop at the front of the station!

 Only a few minutes to wait for the bus!

 I tied a weathergram onto the rail!

And that IS me walking down the road to get home!!


  1. Beanie always has the BEST days out; such a lucky mouse! Look for a package from us in your mail soon!

  2. What a fun, jam-packed day! By the way, what does "lie-in" mean? Thanks!

    1. A "lie-in" means you don't turn the alarm clock on to wake you up at silly o'clock to go to work. So you have a "lie-in" (you stay asleep in bed) until a bit later than usual and THEN get up and go do something fun instead of working!

  3. Excellent adventure. Were those crust-less sandwiches at Laduree?? Beary posh! But then... you're a posh mouse so... beary appropriate!

    1. Yes, they did chop the crusts off!! Very civilised!!

  4. You should become a tour guide, I would sign up for one of your London Adventure tours.