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Monday, 19 October 2015

Beanie's Big Trip Day Two

We woke up reasonably early today and made a mug of tea.....

A little later on, Uncle George took Asta out for a wee and brought back some kwussants just for me for breakfast!!!  Uncle George is lovely!

We got talking to Asta after breakfast and we showed off our passports!  Asta's is the bloo one.

Asta had a sit down in her favourite chair....

And was nice enough to let us sit on it with her!  I think she likes me!!

Later on, we went out for a walk.  Asta stayed home to scare off any burglars.  This is the main entry to the building, and we love it!!!  It's very old and has painted tiles on the floor!

Then we found lots of drain covers!!

AND we walked past a chocolate shop!!!

I think this is a street sign.  "Utca" seems to mean "Street" only it's Hungarian.

That's another drain cover

We walked past this doorway and Uncle George showed me what was on the other side.....

Isn't it lovely!!!  Hungarian buildings are a lot like this in that they have fancy courtyards behind the main door on the street.  They're lovely!

Then we arrived here, which is the synagogue on Dohany Utca - it's the biggest synagogue in Europe!!

We didn't go inside but we went round the other side of the building..... see this weeping willow memorial!!  Tony Curtis helped fund this because his Dad lived in Budapest before emigrating to the USA, and came to this synagogue.

Each of the leaves on the memorial has a name engraved on it.

It's very pretty......
We saw these on the walls but we don't know what it means.

We also saw this grafitti!!!

And then we found this amazing statue!!!
It's in memory of Carl Lutz who helped rescue lots of people from the Nasties in WW2

That's another drain cover.  Fancy, huh?!

Then because we were hungry, we went for lunch!  I had a lemonade and it was yummy!

The glass is bigger than I am!!!

I had hummus with pitta bread which was yummy!

And then had a soup.  It was yummy soup but they didn't heat it up enough so it was only warm instead of hot.

That's the Opera House!!  Shall I sing again??

We did some shopping for those Nespresso thingies because Uncle George and Auntie Ami have one of those whizzy gizmo's to make coffee with, and we all got a coffee for free afterwards!  Yummmm...!

Then we went off somewhere else and I saw these piggies!!  

THEN we came somewhere really special!!!  This is Auntie Ami translating the menu for me.

Then I chose what I wanted to eat....... and then discovered......

We'd come to the Church of the Holy Pastry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Isn't it amazing!!!

(that's a mirror reflecting the chandelier!)

I got a huge piece of chocolate cake!!!!!  (I said my prayers first and asked that I'd be able to finish it all by myself!!)

That one's Uncle George's cake.  He chose a chocolate one as well!

And that one is Auntie Ami's.  She said it's her favourite.


Phew..... I need a drink of water now!

Then I had a hot chocolate drink as well!!!  It was yummy but very sugary sweet, not like the Horrids hot chocolate at all.

Then it was time to go home.  We saw an advertising poster with bears on it, so I decided to show them it should've had a mouse in it as well.  Makes a much better picture, don't you think?!?!

We got the metro part of the way home!!

This one's the Opera stop.  Does that mean we sing to make the train go faster?

We found another drain cover too!  These are very fancy ones!!

We found a funny statue of a man riding a bike so I joined in!!  Auntie Ami made sure I didn't get rained on.  She's good like that, you know.

More drain covers.....

This one's a tiny little one.

We had dinner at home tonight - it was yummers!!!  It had chicken in it and was very tasty!
I must get the recipe for Andrea to make....

We got cakes on the way home!  The chocolate one on the right was made from chestnuts and was my favourite!

Uncle George had this one and he said it wasn't a real mouse like me because he doesn't eat real mice.  He only eats cakes.

Gosh I'm exhaustipated!!  What a brilliant day I've had!!


  1. Awesome photos@ We love the bears poster, and yes, Beanie makes it even more fantastic. The chocolate cake looks yummy. Jerry wants you to know that if you ever need help eating cake, just give him a call.

    1. We've never had a problem finishing cake yet..... but thanks for the offer!!!