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Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Beanie's Big Trip Day Three


Once I'd had my tea and woken up a bit, Uncle George and Asta went and got me some more Kwussants for breakfast.  They're very good like that, you know...!

After breakfast, we looked out the living room window and it was still raining!!

But the rooftops are still very pretty though!

A little later, Asta put on her plastic mac and took me and Uncle George out shopping.

We went somewhere special to get a birthday present for someone - and Asta knew exactly the right shop to go to where we found EXACTLY the right thing!!!

Then we went back home and chilled for a bit.

Asta's good at chilling....!

Towards lunchtime we all went out again (except for Asta who needed her beauty sleep) and Auntie Ami showed us the library.

It's very posh in here, and they've got 2 million books in here!!!

We also found a Hungarian postbox!  I think I need to start a new collection!!

Then we found a statue of a Policeman with a snazzy moustache!!!  I want one of them now....

Then we went down here....

And went in here for lunch!!

It's "Place"......!  we had wine and then a bunch of Canadians sat down at a table behind us and one of them, an Old Fart, started arguing with the waiter about the amount of wine in his wine glass wasn't the correct amount.  We figured out very quickly he was trying to show off to everyone at his table and pretending to be a "know it all" and actually he was just full of **it!!!!!!!
I giggled when Andrea said that!!!!!

Anyway, we had a very nice glass of wine.
It wasn't the house wine either - it was the nicer wine that the waiter told us about - and the Old Fart at the other table had ordered the house wine.  Probably explains why he was so annoying....

We were given warm bread rolls and herby butter which was yummy!

And then Andrea got a Wiener Schnitzel which was enormous!!!

It came with potatoes too...... we couldn't finish it all so they put the rest of it in a doggy bag for us to take home!!

Down the road, we saw this sign!!!!!

Then we came across this memorial.  It was for the people that died in WW2, but because this memorial blamed it all on the German Nasties and didn't mention the Hungarian sympathisers who helped the Nasties, not everybody agrees with this memorial.

We went this way (I can't remember what that building is though!)

And saw this lovely sculpture!!  Gosh....

Those dark spots on the wall of this building are pieces of iron which were placed in the bullet holes from the 1956 Revolution.  That was when the Russians invaded Hungary and everyone was shooting at each other.  Auntie Ami was a child when that happened and remembers hiding in the basement for about a month with her parents to keep safe.  (she doesn't like basements now and gets claustrophobic, which I can understand)  I'm glad she escaped to America though.

That's the Parliament building.  We were going to see if we could join a tour of the inside....
(unfortunately, all the English speaking tours were full up, so we didn't go)

That sign says we're not allowed to walk on the water.  I wonder if we can pee in it....?

Because we didn't do the Parliament tour, we decided to walk along the Danube River instead.  That bridge in the distance goes to St Margaret's Island - that must be the island that we saw from the plane on Sunday!!

That's Buda over there - Buda's the hilly bit.
That's me and Auntie Ami!!!

We found another drain over too!

We also saw this statue halfway up a building!!

This is another WW2 memorial which is really sad.  They're metal shoes placed along the side of the river - apparently Hungarian sympathisers to the Nasties used to line up Jews along the side of the river, and tie them together.  Then they'd shoot one dead so he fell into the river, pulling all the others in with him to drown.

That's so sad......

A bit further along, we found this statue too but we're not too sure who it's of.

Although Ami did ask a Policeman later on if they knew.....!

Then we went to the Metro again to get a train and found a lovely doggie!

We got off the Metro and found a piano to play!!!

I did a spot of tapdancing on the keyboard...... I think people liked it!

And THEN we stopped for CAKE!!!

....and some coffee!

On the way home, we passed a cafe that ashtrays with Putin's face on it!
So - smokers can stub out their cigarettes on Putin when they want to!!!

When we got home, we kicked our shoes off and had some Pros-hicco.  I like Pros-hicco, it has bubbles in it!!

OH!!  It's a piggy corkscrew!!!!!  How fun!

Later on we had dinner at home - yummy soup....

....and fish and potatoes.  Yum!

What a lovely day out!!!  I'm exhaustipated again!

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  1. Hmmm... I do hope the rain stops so you get out to see a bit of Budapest... Highly recommend the Fisherman's Bastion, Parliament, Chain Bridge... and the Great Market Hall!!