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Monday, 19 October 2015

Beanie's Big Trip Day One

 Today, we got up really early and Andrea said we were going on a big trip somewhere special!!!

 When I finished packing, we went up the road to the bus stop.....

 And got off here.  We had to take a little walk.....

 ....and we found another grafitti'd box!!!

 And arrived at the train station!!  Where are we going this time then?

 Well, Andrea said we need to get this train..... so I left a tag on the seat in front!

 I love going on trains!!!

 Airport?  We're at the Airport??!!!  WHERE ARE WE GOING???!!!

 Well, we checked in the bag that I packed because it was quite heavy and Andrea said we had some shopping to do.  First we went to take a leak and left another tag on the door!!!

 And then we had to go through that scanner thingy.  I went in Andrea's backpack and sat there blowing raspberries at the man looking at the pictures.  Then Andrea made the alarm go off and they pulled HER aside to do a pat down search!!!!!  It was hysterical!!!  I might show my bum next time and see what they do then....!!

 Anyway, we did some shopping and had a chat with the Harrod's bear.  He's nice.

 When we finished shopping, we looked at a big board to see which departure gate we had to leave from.  

 When the gate number came up, we went down here.....

 And that's our Air O'Plane!!!  It's a Norwegian Air O'Plane.

Where are we going???!!


 I love taking off!!!  We're over the clouds now.

 We had lunch on the plane too - a cheesey toasted sarnie......

And some choccie and a drink!

 A while later on, we started descending.... we're going over a river!!  With an island in it!!!

 When the plane landed, we had to get on a bus!!!

 We got taken into the airport where we went through the customs place and got our bags and then went to get a taxi!  Oh this is exciting!!

 We're going Into Town now!!!!

 Iranyi Utca???  Andrea says that's Hungarian and we're in Budapest!!!!  We're staying in this street!!

 George and Asta came down and opened the door for us!!!  Asta was super excited to see us and then we went in an old and scary elevator up to the fourth floor!  This is the view from the living room window!!!  Isn't it brill!

 That's Asta.  I was a bit worried she might chew me but she didn't.  She was very licky!!!  She helped me get all the presents we had in our bag......

 and found the toy that we bought her!!!  It's a prisoner doggy called Hawwy.

 Asta was really pleased!!!

 Later on, we all went out for dinner.  They had really yummy spicy bread rolls..... I wanted to pinch them all but Andrea wouldn't let me.  She's quite a bore sometimes you know......

 And then we had a Real Hungarian Goulash Soup!!  It was Yumtastic!!!!!

 and then we all shared the pudding.  Well, I ate most of it.......!!

 On the way home, we walked past this spiffy building!

And I sang a bit of made up opera to celebrate being on holiday!!!!  It was about Scooby Doo and pizza but people seemed to like it.  Well, I didn't get arrested anyway......

After all that excitement, I'm pooped!!


  1. What? You're in Hungary??!! There was no forewarning of this trip, was there! Lucky you!

  2. Fabawooni photos and commentawy..can't wait fow mowe,smoochie kisses,Asta