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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Beanie's Big Trip Day Four

We got up and made tea as usual.......

 Then, when we turned on our android tablet thingie and checked Faceparp, we discovered today is my BIRTHDAY!!!!

 I've come to Budapest for my BIRTHDAY!!!!  How exciting!!

 And the sun came out today too!!!!
Oh I'm so happy!

 Uncle George and Asta went to get got kwussants for breakfast too, which was so nice of them!

And then Asta came rushing up to me wiv a birthday prezzie!!  She said she'd stayed up ALL NIGHT to make it specially!

It's a Yellow Scarf!!  I love it!

 Thanks Asta!!  I love my prezzie!!

 Oh - what's happening??

 Later on when we were all ready, we decided to go out.  First we got a tram to down here.....

 And then we had to wait near this bridge for a bus.

 There's a big cruise boat going down the river!!

 And then we got a bus up to the Castle district - the bus was so busy we were all smushed in like sardines in a can!

 We found a statue of an army man

 Oh wow!!  Look at the views up here!!!  That's the Parliament building down there - we went there the other day!

 That's a big eagle bird.

 We found another drain cover too - we've found loads of those!

 Hey!  Asta came wiv us today!!  Yippee!

 That's a weird statue.....

We saw this lovely shop sign too!  Isn't it brill!!!

And then came to this fountain.....

Her knickers had fallen down at the back and was showing off her bum, so I showed my bum too.  That's only fair.......

We were all getting hungry by now, so we went down here.....

And came to this restaurant here!!

I got a big glass of wine, because it's my birthday.  I decided I was going to be the same age as Asta this year, and she's nine.  So now I'm nine years old!!!

We had a yummy salad with sun dried tomatoes in it and a chopped up boiled egg.  It was yum!

And we had stuffed crepes that had been fried up, with mashed potato!  I couldn't finish it all but I tried my hardest!!!!  That was a fab lunch out!

We had another stroll around after lunch - it's lovely up here!!

That's Asta showing us where to go next!  Lets go THAT WAY!!!

Oooh..... there's an interesting door!!

Gosh it's pretty here!!

That used to be a monastery!

There's another shop sign! 

The roof on this church, Asta says, is a lot like the Cathedral roof in Vienna!

We're going down here now.....

That's Fisherman's Bastion!!

It's rather fancy, isn't it??!

There's Asta and Auntie Ami enjoying the view

I couldn't do that....... the sheer drop on the other side of the wall would make my toes curl up!!!

It's lovely here!

There's Uncle George taking pictures!

The views are terrific!

There's even a brass model of this area with the names of the buildings written in braille!!!

Isn't that great!!  (some other people took pictures of me sitting here.  I'm famous you know.....!)

Then I got taken to the place where they make the best-est cakes in the country!!!  I got a chocolate and orange birthday cake!  AND it was yumtastic!!!

I had a coffee too, and Auntie Ami said I could have some of her cream and chestnuts on top!  She said that was an extra present!!!

Later on we saw some Lions.

Asta said her paws were getting tired from all the walking, so we decided to go home.  What a brilliant day!!!

I really enjoyed my birthday in Budapest!!!

After we got home, I had to do a little packing ready for going home tomorrow.  We decided to take these pictures from the guest room window..... it overlooks the internal Courtyard of the building.....

Later on, Uncle George made me a Birthday Martini with two olives in it.  Andrea had to hold me so I didn't fall into the glass!!!

Because we'd had such a big lunch, we weren't terribly hungry, so we had scrambled eggs and toast for dinner.  I love scrambled eggs and toast!!!

I'm pooped.  What a brilliant day!
What a brilliant trip!!!


  1. We have a Tintin mug just like that, but it has Tintin on it. Milou is cute too!

  2. Excellent outing! Mama's been to those places too - she remembers that church with the ultra cool tiled roof... and the Fisherman's Bastion of course. Budapest is such a neat city.