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Saturday, 31 October 2015

MORE piggie post!!!

 We got another package in the post today!!!!  Andrea said it might be another one from Sullivan!!!

OH WOW!!!  It's a scarey horror story book that was on my bookcrossing wish list!!!  BRILLIANT!

We got piggie post!!!!

 We got a package yesterday........ Andrea says it might be for me as a later birthday present!!!

 It's a Darren Shan book!!!  I was talking about these to Sullivan McPig the other day!!!!

It's the first book in the Larten Crepsley series!!!  Excellent!
Thanks Sullivan!!!

Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Mail from Sandy Bear!!

 We got a letter from Canada the other day.....!!

 It was a birthday card made out of wood!!!  And the message on the front was written in German..... Andrea says that "Geburtstag" means "Birthday"

 It was from Sandy!!!!

He sent another little card with a flower on it made from rolled up paper!!  Sandy says it's called quillowing...... coo!  I've never tried that!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Beanie and Tango's Pumpkin carving!!

 Last weekend we bought a pumpkin so we could enter Jerry and Ben's Pumpkin Contest!!

First we had to cut the top off....

And then we had to carve out the gloop inside!

Then we cut the eyes out!!  This is hard work this is....!!

Oh that's pretty good that is!!!

Now for the mouth....... you start your end, Tango....

Coo, you need proper muscles for this!!

Oh bugger, we sliced a tooth off!!!!  Don't say anything, nobody'll notice!!!!

That'll do!!!!  Can we have a candle please??

There we are!!!  Turn the lights out!!!!!!!!!


Sunday, 25 October 2015

Update on photos

Day five of my trip is now HERE

Mail from Sandy and Hammie!!!

 We got a couple of postcards yesterday - this first one was from Sandy Bear!

 It's an old black and white postcard!!

 The other one was from Hammie who'd been to see a Turner expedition!

This was their favourite picture!!

Cable boxes!!!

 Hammie sent me some pictures of grafitti'd cable boxes from Zwolle!!!

Friday, 23 October 2015

Presents from Bob and Dilly!!!

 We had a package waiting by our door when we got home yesterday!!

 It's from Bob!!!!  Huzzah!!!

 Gosh, he's wrapped it well...!!

 It had a present in it for me, from Bob and his Bear Clan!!!  (he must be Scottish.  No he isn't, his Daddy is Irish!!)

 There was a card too!!!

 Wiv pants on the back!!!!  HAAAAAAAAAaaahahahahaa!!

 It's a mousey card!!

 I love it!!

 Bob made it speshally!!!!

 OH WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  These are MINE!!

 AND these as well!!!  WOW!!!

 Then I yelled for Tango to come over because there was something for him too!!

There was a messidge for him from Bob, too!

 IT'S A COAT!!!!!!

 Oh brill!!!!  I got my own hoodie coat!!!
Wiv snazzy buttons on it!!!

I love my coat!!!  FANKS BOB!!!

Thursday, 22 October 2015

Beanie's Big Trip Day Five

its our going home day today.....

 We had our last kwussants.  I've really enjoyed my trip and it's sad to leave...

While Andrea was finishing the packing, I had a cuddle with Asta.

 I'm going to miss Asta.  And Uncle George and Auntie Ami.

 Auntie Ami telephoned the cab company for us, and then Uncle George and Asta came downstairs with us to wave us off....

 And then we were off...

 And it only took us 20 minutes to get to the airport!  It's very foggy today though...

 Well, here we go then.  Off home....

We checked our bag in and then went through the security checks.  I blew another raspberry at the X-ray machine man but they didn't stop Andrea for a pat down search.  Bugger!!

We did some duty free shopping and then waited at the gate for our plane.

When it was time to go, we had to get on a bus first to get to the airplane!!

 And then had to walk up a scary ladder to get on the plane.  I yelled lots of encouragement to Andrea and she did very well!!

 This time we got an aisle seat in row three, right at the front of the plane!!!  Because lots of people brought carry on bags, they ran out of space in the overhead lockers and some people had to have their bags put in the hold.  We were OK though....!


 We had lunch on the plane too - another cheesey toastie, I like them!

 And a fizzy drink and a chocolate brownie!  Yum!

 And before we knew it, we'd landed back at Gatwick.  That's a really easy flight!

Then we had to see which carousel our bags came onto.  Ah, number two!

Well that was quick!  Half an hour from getting off the plane and we're off to get our train home!

 We got on the Littlehampton train first, and left a tag on the table.

 Then there was an announcement that the train was being divided at the next station and we were on the wrong half of the train, so we walked down a carriage and left another weathergram on another table!

 Here we go.....

 THEN when we got to the next station, we had to get off the train anyway because they didn't have enough staff to drive the second half of the train!!!  So we got on ANOTHER train and left ANOTHER weathergram on the seat in front!!!

But eventually - half an hour later than we would've done on the first train - we got back to Brighton and got the bus back home!

 And here we are walking home from the bus stop!
I love holidays!!

 When we unpacked, we got out our shopping - Harrods Hazelnut hot chocolate from the Gatwick duty free!

Some yummy Mozart alco-choccie drink that Andrea says is fab that we got in Budapest

 And some Mozart choccies in a fancy red tin!

 That's the lid!

And that's the new stamp in my passport!!!
We did get some other shopping but it's presents for other people so we're not going to show pictures!!!