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Thursday, 10 September 2015

We went out!!!

 Andrea took me into work today.  Bev had bought a posh coffee thing with choccie bits in.  I had to check it for taste of course......

 Schlurp...... oh, not sure about this....... schluuurrrrpppp....... let me try some more, hang on...... schluuuuuurrrpppppp...... schluuurrrppp...

 Later on we had a chat with Vicky.  We're going to see her new flat later!!

 Then I had a snooze in Vicky's poncho hood......

 After work we walked up a REAAAALLLLY STEEEEEPPPP hill - it was hard work for mice wiv littol legs but we did see some snazzy grafitti on the way.

 And we found an alien too!

 Oh, that's an interesting building!!

 When we got to Vicky's house, we met her doggie Prince.  He was very bouncy for a while but then he settled down while we had a fizzy alcoholic drink.  The drink was spiffy - all the bubbles went up my nose!!!!

 Prince woke up when Vicky opened the fridge.  Smart dog.  Knows where the cheese is.

 Prince liked talking to Bev.  He even undid her shoelaces - I think he wanted her to stay!

 I was a bit worried about meeting Prince, those are big teeth you know.

But he seems like a decent sort!!!
That was a fun evening!!!

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  1. A fun evening indeed! I think Prince looks easily bribed... a piece of meat might just make you his best friend.