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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

I went to work today

 Today, before I'd woken up, Andrea put me in her pocket and took me out of the flat.  Next thing I knew, I was in her office at work....... I'm sitting on Vicky's desk here.  We had a good long chat and a cuddle.

 Later on I made sure she still had salted caramel hot choccie.  It's very important stuff this, you know.  Dribble.....

Vicky let me play with her slinky dinky!  We won this on the Pier in the arcade games!!!  Apparently we're doing that again soon!!  
I like going to work and playing...... it's fun.  They have biscuits there too.


  1. cool slinky Beanie! slinky beanie!

  2. No doubt work is a lot more fun when you are there Beanie!

  3. My roommates work is never that exciting. No toys, no hot chocolate, nada. Lucky mouse, did you get any cheese?

    1. No they didn't have any cheese there but Bev let me lick her ginger nuts. (they're biscuits - you call them cookies)

  4. I'm sure things at work went way more smoothly we you there!