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Friday, 17 July 2015

Well, now.......!!!

 You remember I said the other day that the sketch book had gone missing??  Well today we got a package from America.......

 With a lovely apology from Steph, the last person to have it....

She sent me the sketch book back......!!!

There's only four people that have doodled in it though...... so there's oodles of space for other people!!!  There's three more American facebook friends that I know signed up, and then it's going to Jerry and Ben..... there's maybe four other English arty people that may want to doodle in it so if Ajdin or Little Fox wanted a go, now's the time to say!!!


  1. I've uploaded photos of the pages so far on the Beanie's Travelling Sketchbook blog....!

  2. Excellent!!! It took me a bit to find it again soo...

  3. If there is any room left, I would beary much like to draw in it also :)

    1. OK, I'll put you in after Jerry and Ben!!