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Sunday, 26 July 2015

We went to London!!!

Today we got up WAAAAYYYY to early for a weekend...... but Andrea said we were doing something fun!!

We got the bus into town....

And then had a little walk up the road.  We found Garfield!!

Aha!!  The Train station!  Where are we going??

We're going to London!!!  I made sure we got on the right train and tied a weathergram to the seat!!!

On the way, it started raining.  That's OK - I don't mind rain when I'm inside a train!

Oh here we go, crossing the Thames!!!  The tide is up too, so nobody's mudlarking.

When we arrived in London, we went to get a number 38 bus!  There were three of them!!

We tied a weathergram to the seat too.....

And got off at the Royal Academy!!  We're going to an art expedition!!

I love those!  We haven't done one for ages!!!!!

After we got the ticket, we walked up a stripey staircase......

Oh wow!!!  There's some lovely pictures here!!!

That's Brighton!!  We live there!!!  That one's sold too!!!

There's even pictures on the ceiling!!!

Oh I like these prints!!!!  They're lovely!!

They had a Mad Mirror too!!!!

After we'd had a good look round, we used the facilities.  We left a book behind....

And tied a tag to the door!!

Then we went off and walked past Burlington Arcade!!  We're not buying any macarons today though.

The arcade had decorations in it....

And then we walked past the Ritz to ........ Green Park Underground stop and left another book on the bike racks there!!

And waited for a number 9 bus.  We haven't been on that bus yet..... wonder where it goes.....

We left a tag on the bus too!!

And we're off!!!

We got off at Knightsbridge Station and walked round the corner...... and there's Horrids!!!!  We're going shopping in Horrids!!!!!  We got some super stuff in there - we'll show you later!!

Then we crossed the road and waited for the C1 bus.....

We left a tag on THAT bus too!!!

And we're off again!  There's Knightsbridge Station!!

Ooohhhh..... that's an interesting building!

And there's a sculpture there!!

We got off here near the Coach Station and then walked up the road a little, and then stopped for lunch.

First we got a fizzy drink in

We wanted to get a burger but they'd run out, so we had Macaroni Cheese made with Gruyere cheese.  It was yummy - and it was perfect for the yucky wet weather too, because it warmed us right up!!

We had a bit of time before the train, so we had a little wander round.  They're doing loads of building work near Victoria Station.....

and then we went to see my favourite statue!!!

It's brill!!!


We saw this blue plaque nearby too.  Now, there's a name you don't hear often....

And then it was time to go home!!

We left a weathergram here too!!!

And we're off over the Thames!!!

There's some building work at Battersea Power Station too!!

And here we are back in Brighton!!!

And after the bus ride, we had a short walk home.

So - here's what we got!!  Our Expedition ticket and book.....

And a bunch of postcards!

And some Moccha Chocolate in a purple tin from Horrids!!!
(Ed's note - we had some after dinner, and it's yum!  Very Moccha-ish and choccie!)

And two of the Salted Caramel choccie from Horrids for a couple of mates at work!!  We weren't sure we'd have time to get these but we did, so they're going to buy them off us when we see them at work!!
Successful day out, I'd say!!!


  1. Excellent adventure! You are such a brave mouse taking buses for which you don't know the route. LOVE that statue! That is absolutely stunning. Exactly where is it?

  2. Grosvenor Gardens not far from Victoria Station.

  3. wow what a fun outing! hope your art is found by some people out there :)