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Saturday, 18 July 2015

We went for a walk...!!!

 Today Andrea said we had to go collect something..... and we're going this way!

 We decided to lose a few weathergrams on the way!!!

 Oh wow....... wonder what they're building?

 OH!!!! HAHAHHHAHAAHAHahahahahaaaaaaaa!!

We put this one at a bus stop.....

And this one as well!!!

We're going a long way - Andrea says it's near that white building in the distance...

 We found a lost shoe stuck on a bin handle!!!!!

 We left another weathergram here.....

 Here we are..... we're going in this shop.....

 And we collected a box!!!  Wonder what's in it....?

 Then we went up this road past these pretty flowers.....

 We're going over there to a bus stop!!

 We left another weathergram at the bus stop......

 And then got a number 6 to Brighton Station to collect some tickets for next week!

 Then we got another number 6 bus back home!!!

 We tied a weathergram onto a rail on the bus!!

 I found another elastic hair tie while we were out, and a 5p coin!!!
What fun!

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  1. Excellent adventure Beanie! Was that really a skull/skeleton in a window?? Freaky! And that 5p will come in handy at the Arcade!