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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Sad news.....

Remember that travelling sketch book thing that we started last year?  Alexander Bear drew in it and Jerry and Ben wanted to......?  Well we think it's been Officially Lost.  It got sent to Participant Six in Masschussettes at the beginning of this year (around the time they had that crappy ten foot snow drifts for ages) and we emailed them on Facebook three or four times up until April asking where it was, and they promised to take it to the post office every time.  Well, we contacted Participant Seven on Facebook a few days ago and they still haven't received it.  We contacted Participant six as well but they haven't responded.

Two things piss us off - first this was book number THREE that's gone missing and second, five other people spent a lot of time and energy drawing in it and nobody's ever going to see and enjoy their efforts.

I'm really not sure if I want to risk a fourth book on this idea.

Thank you to those who've taken part, and sorry to everyone.


  1. What!!! Well, that just sucks. Grr... where are Ninja Bears when you need them? Mind you... I did take pics of my pages. Wonder if any of the others did too? You put a lot of effort into this Beanie and I'm sorry somebody's buggered it.

    1. Totally sucks. Lots of people put a lot of effort in - you included. :o(

  2. Ooh, I'm sorry! I would have liked to create some art in it. I would be happy to start another one Beanie.